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iCare Financial Newsletter March 2013

iCare Financial News - March 2013

The Dental Sleep Med Systems and Dr. Marty Lipsey, DDS

The Dental Sleep Med Systems Team along with Dr. Marty Lipsey can help create a patient friendly and win-win relationship for your patients with medicalDental Sleep Banner Ad LR insurance. Dental Sleep Medicine is one of the areas where many dental offices are coming up short in terms of patient acceptance of presented treatment plans.

Less out of pocket expense is often the key to help patients get to “yes.” Many dental teams have not spent the time to learn how to help their patients maximize their medical insurance benefits. The bottom line is that most of your patients have major medical insurance coverage that can help them say “yes” to treatment and your team holds the key to making that happen.

While there are tremendous possibilities to bill medical insurance for many surgical and periodontal procedures, we specialize in coaching and mentoring dental teams in this process for Dental Sleep Medicine. We also provide the tools necessary to make it work and can do your medical billing for you if you choose this option. Dental Sleep Medicine is an area where dentists do not usually have difficulty learning the clinical routine, but without mastering the process surrounding appliance therapy, case acceptance is often 50% or less of where it should be. We help dental teams by customizing an electronic medical record for their office and linking this record with software for electronic medical claims. These medical tools and systems can complement whatever dental practice management software is already in place.

The medical world is essentially 100% digital when it comes to insurance billing. Many dental teams make a critical error in deciding to bill medical insurance on paper. Paper medical claims stand out like a sore thumb and can open the door to quick denials or a never ending paper chase. We help dental teams to avoid digging a 6-foot hole that they may never be able to climb out of. Without the proper patient friendly medical insurance systems, many practices end up never getting a good start or abandoning what could potentially be one of the most successful and highly profitable areas of their overall practice.

Our systems come from our own “sleep only” practices where we implement them on a daily basis. We truly do practice what we preach because we know it works. We’ve been fine-tuning these systems for almost a decade! We have also helped dental practices around the country. Whether you are starting at zero or want to get to the next level in your dental sleep medicine practice, we would love to put on a one hour complimentary training webinar for your office. We’ll show you the “A to Pay” of Dental Sleep Medicine with more than a few pearls that will help your team, no matter how you decide to proceed. We also have programs available for offices that wish to outsource medical billing. For more information, give us a call or send us an email today.


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