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Dentist and girliCare Financial Expands Dental Patient Credit Programs into Central and Western States

Atlanta –GA - Feb 2012- Our goal has been to extend our product offering to facilitate as many new dental practices in all 50 states. Headquartered in Atlanta, iCare Financial will be expanding into the central and western states in order to service the growing demand for their patient financial programs which offers 0% interest, everyone APPROVED with No Credit Check!!.

"Strategically, by expanding into these markets we will be able to better serve our providers with growing customer service support and dedicated sales reps",” Vice President of Marketing of iCare, Patrick Rangely said. "“Our goal has been to extend our product offering to facilitate as many new dental practices in all 50 states. In turn this will give patients the ability to receive the quality care that they need while providing a reliable recurring income stream for the dental practice. And with the biggest obstacle to treatment acceptance being affordability, our program allows patients to pay for their dental bills by spreading out the payments so it's not a huge strain on their budgets.”"

iCare supports its providers in delivering the best patient experience and most transparent process with their product as possible. iCare only accepts approved dental providers who are required to complete training on how to present the product to their patients and who adhere to program policies. Their team of experienced in-house professionals gives comprehensive training and ongoing support to their provider network. Key training components emphasized include: explanation of promotion requirements, presenting dental credit plan details, and working within the consumer’s budget.

About iCare Financial

iCare Financial is a full-service consumer financial organization in dental, medical, Veterinary, automotive and consumer service verticals. They offer consumer and patient financial programs for 0% interest. Instead of offering patients and customers another credit card, they offer a unique payment solution on one platform that accepts all patients and customers.

The company’s services are made available to meet the specific needs of those who do not have adequate insurance coverage or the necessary cash available to pay at the time of dental service. Other third-party credit companies have far lower acceptance rates but iCare is designed to assist virtually any patient who walks into your practice or compliment any other credit program.