Why are you still turning patients away that don't qualify for medical credit cards or other traditional patient Financing services?

iCare Financial will approve all your patients for healthcare Financing with No Credit Check!

How many patients do you find can't afford the upfront cost of your recommended treatment?

Capture this lost revenue and give your patients the care they need and deserve.

Here's how your new patient Financing program will work for your practice:

  • Offer Financing with NO CREDIT CHECK and ZERO RISK TO YOUR PRACTICE. It's a fact; most patients will not even apply for Financing when their credit is going to be checked.
  • PAYMENTS are DIRECT DEPOSITED into your practice account within 2 BUSINESS DAYS.
  • Run a $3,000 case through and you receive the full $3,000 back - No percentage or other charges will be taken off the top for the work you have performed.
  • Offer many more of your higher costing ELECTIVE PROCEDURES.
  • Your practice is 100% GUARANTEED ON ALL PAYMENTS with no responsibility or recourse to you.
  • Patients receive a non-compounding, non-deferred, 0% interest, flat administrative fee. Patients love a program with no spikes and no hidden fees!
  • ADD ADDITIONAL treatments to your patient's iCare plan ANYTIME. iCare providers find the ADD ON feature an important tool for providing ongoing care for each patient.
  • Patients looking for the convenience of a monthly payment option WILL CHOOSE YOUR PRACTICE over others in the community when you offer iCare's easy and simple payment option to them.
  • IT'S EASY FOR YOUR STAFF TO USE with an online portal that you can access through your computer desktop.

iCare Financial is...

A + rated and is an accredited program with the Better Business Bureau.

Used successfully by thousands of medical practices nationally.

Most iCare providers run an additional $80,000 to $350,000 per year. Where will you spend your additional funds? Purchase New Equipment? Save for Retirement? Pay off Loans? Staff Raises? Expand Your Practice?

Don't ever turn another patient away.

Give yourself and your staff the confidence to offer comprehensive treatments while knowing you have a finance program to get the job done.

Get your practice set up today.