Schaumburg Dental Studio

To Whom It May Concern,

Offering iCare at our office for the past 2 years has been a great benefit to our practice and our community. Many of our patients simply do not qualify for most of the financial options we provide.

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Red Mountain Animal Clinic

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We offer iCare Financial at our Animal Clinic and have been able to assist many in our community with treatments for their loved companions. iCare is a simple program to offer and ensures we will be able to accommodate most regardless of their financial situation.

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Bertrand A Bonnick DDS

To Whom It May Concern,

iCare Financial is a very helpful financial option in our office. It's a simple program to run, and as the months move forward, it's becoming the #1 choice over the other financial options we offer.

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Lakeside Animal Hospital

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Offering iCare as a financial option at our animal hospital has allowed us to help many of our clients receive the proper medical care needed for their beloved fur companions. Working in the health care industry we are accustomed to medical emergencies and the costs associated with them - clients are not. iCare allows us to offer our clients a financial option when an emergency occurs.

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Austin Dental Implant Center

To Whom It May Concern,

iCare has been a very beneficial financial program in our office. Over the past 18 months we have performed over $100K in treatments through this program.

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Animal Emergency Clinic of San Diego

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We have been using iCare Financial for over a year. We quickly found that this Financing solution was allowing people to treat their pets in a wider variety of medical situations than ever before. Individuals that could not afford to spend $1000 or more on a given procedure now have access to a larger line of credit and options to help their pets. This has led to many animals being spared euthanasia.

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Breezy Dental

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iCare Financial has proved a beneficial addition to payment options in our office. iCare is easy to talk to our patients about and simple to administer.

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First Coast No More Homeless Pets

To whom it may concern,

Offering iCare in our facility has been wonderful. Over the last year, we have run over $180K in treatment plans for our clients.

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Marty R. Lipsey, DDS, MS

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iCare has been a wonderful addition to my practice. We have been offering iCare for over 3 years and have been able to help people with over $259k in treatments.

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Ocean County Veterinary Hospital

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We are a full-service veterinary hospital that consistently earns the highest accreditation rating that the American Animal Hospital Association awards for high standards of medicine, surgery and dentistry.

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Midas Auto Service & Tires

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The need for tires and auto repairs can come at a time when it is difficult for our customers to pay for the necessary repairs. The iCare Financial plan gives ours customers a no credit check option that allows them to spread out the payments, making it more affordable. I've only used the plan for a year and I have several customers that have used the process more than once, they count on it being an option.

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Soft Touch Dental Care

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We have been offering iCare in our office for about 2 years and we have found that it's a really helpful program to have available to our patients. Many times a person has employment and consistent income, but their credit has been damaged. Therefore they will not qualify for credit check financial assistance programs. iCare is there for them and our dental practice.

Case Study Soft Touch Dental Care

Access Dental & Denture Testimonial

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We have iCare Financial implemented into 3 of our offices. Since we started iCare at our first location, at least 1 person every day is setup with iCare. This has made a huge impact on our practice!

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Promenade Dentistry

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We have some patients with derogatory credit, and they still get the treatments they need with iCare. We had a boy who really needed a root canal, but his mother was in the process of repairing her credit and did not have the money to pay in full for the treatment.

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Sierra Animal Hospital

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We have been offering iCare Financial at our hospital for the past 3 years. We have been able to help many people get the treatment they need for their loved companions through this Financial Program.

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Amin Javid, DDS

To Whom it May Concern,

Offering iCare to our patients has been a very positive experience. We have patients that are in the process of buying a home, so they do not want a credit check run on them.

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