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iCare Financial has helped our business grow as well as helping people in our community get the service they need. It has really helped the elderly people in our community.

Because most of them do not have credit cards and just have a checking account, this program is perfect for them because it is affordable and allows the flexibility of payment options. It is less expensive than anything else we can currently offer them.

We have been "Servicing Our Community" since 1978, and our second location is just 5 years old. We had so much success grossing over $200K in car service through iCare, we are now offering this program at our 2nd location. Most of our customers at our 2nd location are military and they have a hard time getting financed because they travel so frequently. But because of their direct deposit checks and the monthly debits through iCare, this program works great for them. They get the service done on their vehicle, and then paying it off is so simple for them by the preset automatic debits, they do not have to do anything but be sure money is in their account.

We are very pleased with every aspect of our relationship with iCare; we would certainly recommend it to other auto service businesses!



Joanne Inman

Bookeeper / Office Manager

Virginia Automotive Services - N. Chesterfield, VA