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All your patients APPROVED for metal braces financing.

You know the importance of starting patients with braces as soon as they’re able. But patients will often delay when they receive the estimate, the price can often be a shock.

Starting patients the same day as their consult will increase your monthly starts.

How do you achieve same-day orthodontic treatments?

With Ortho1 metal braces financing, you can do this in 2 simple steps.

Step 1: Offer No Credit Check Financing with Instant approval.

Step 2: Offer accessible down payments as low as $99, with low monthly payments.

iCare Ortho1 Financing

These two simple steps will increase your starts by as much as 30%. And with guaranteed payments you grow your practice and capture substantial revenue.


How Ortho1 financing works.

One Point Instant Approval
Two Point Down payment as low as $99, and low monthly payments.
Three Point Payments direct deposited in 2 business days.
Four Point Guaranteed Payments - Non-recourse - No Risk
Five Point No percentage or discount taken from your practice.
You run a $4,000 case through, you receive $4,000.
Six Point Patients receive a non-compounding flat finance fee. Patient love a program with no spikes and no hidden fees.

Just by adding 8 more starts a month with Ortho1 metal braces financing, you could add up to 400k a year to your orthodontic practice growth.

With 83% of American households on monthly payment installments. Your patient will follow through, when it fits into their family’s monthly budget.

Expand your payment options,
increase starts with No Risk.

To find out if your practice qualifies for iCare Ortho1,

call 855-440-7222,

to set up a consultation with one of our financing specialists.
Or fill in the form below, and one of our Ortho1 account specialist will contact you.

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