Patient Financing

Patient Financing for DSO's

Patient Financing For DSO’s

Why are you still turning patients away that don’t qualify for Care Credit?

DSO’s run thousands of patients through the iCare patient financing network every year, bringing in millions in new revenue. With today’s competitive market, coupled with the need of ongoing expansion and acquisition, millions in new revenue can be a game changer for DSO’s like you.

As you may be aware, your practices are turning patients away every day, who are unable to afford the upfront cost of treatment. Or equally as common; your patients are turned down by traditional 3rd party financing options, like CareCredit.

iCare provides a simple solution to the financial barriers that your patient population faces.

We provide you an onsite, NO CREDIT CHECK patient financing program, with instant approval. As well as customizable options that will align with your DSO’s patient experience, revenue, and goals.

The iCare financing program is successful for these reasons

dental patient financing

A very simple sign up that patients understand. dental patient financing

There is a flat administrative fee added to the cost of the treatment.

There is no compounding interest. Your patients know exactly what they are going to pay from beginning to end. This provides them emotional and financial security.

You are guaranteed on all payments with no risk or recourse.

Patients are set up on monthly payment installments they can afford. Which are what patients want.

In fact, studies show that 83% of all-American households are run on monthly payment installments.

Our platform accepts all procedure types. We also have custom orthodontic programs called “iCare Ortho”, which can be tailored for your Ortho markets and locations.

How can you be sure this program is well suited for your DSO?

iCare’s Dental Patient Financing DSO’s with 50, 100, and 150 locations are using iCare successfully, generating millions in new revenue each year. Remember, this is revenue and patients that would have walked out their doors unable to afford the upfront cost. The result for you is a supercharged revenue increase with No Risk. Think of it like this, the average iCare dental provider runs 100K in new revenue per year.

*That’s 50 of your locations generating an additional 5 million in new revenue every year.
iCare’s Dental Patient Financing No Credit Check with instant approval. Resulting in patients getting the treatment at the time of their visit.
iCare’s Dental Patient Financing All payments guaranteed. This is a no risk or recourse program.
iCare’s Dental Patient Financing Payments are direct deposited within 2 business days.
iCare’s Dental Patient Financing No Percentages (discounts) taken off the work performed. All finance fees are passed to your patient. You run a $3,000 case, you receive $3,000 back.
iCare’s Dental Patient Financing Cloud based financing portal. Easy access and reporting. You can manage all your locations from one central system.
iCare’s Dental Patient Financing Ongoing set-up and training for your staff. For DSO’s, we understand that ongoing staff training is a must. We provide this at the location level, and regional level for directors. This is also customizable for your specific needs.
iCare delivers a simple funding solution that makes dental care more attainable for your patients. This is the only program of this kind in the United States. With iCare, your patients are approved, without a credit check, and set up on monthly installments they can afford.

Take the first step in increasing your DSO’s revenue and become a part of the iCare patient financing network.
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