Patient Testimonials

We know your patients are important to you. iCare’s patient financing program is the friendliest program in the United States.
Read below on what patients are saying about iCare.
Oct 06 2019 10:10 PM
Made my dental treatment affordable
Oct 04 2019 02:10 PM
I was able to continue my treatment on my teeth for them to get finished and done so it did help out a lot
Oct 04 2019 06:33 AM
Great program. Was able to get braces done for boht my kids. Very easy sign up.
Oct 01 2019 06:11 AM
With iCare, I'm able to get my cat cremated and her ashes returned to me. Thank you!
Sep 17 2019 09:19 PM
My sick dog needed treatment that went far and above my pocket book. glad they were there to help
Sep 17 2019 08:07 PM
My fur son was very sick and needed hospitalization. I care gave me the opportunity to try to help him.
Sep 17 2019 09:25 AM
Without it i probably would not been able to afford my dentures.
Sep 17 2019 05:52 AM
I was able to get the crowns that I needed for so long.
Sep 13 2019 08:22 PM
Was able to get veneers and get my smile back. So happy my dentist had this program
Sep 13 2019 07:32 AM
"It saved us from putting off a necessary procedure becuase we couldnt afford it all at once, but needed it done. Very appreciative! "
Sep 12 2019 02:11 AM
Icare offer a payment plan which is beneficial to us so we didn't have to come with all the money at one time.
Sep 06 2019 10:19 AM
I am a single mom of two, with no dental insurance. I was in severe pain. I didn’t have the $1,000 to get my tooth pulled and the root canal that I needed. I Thank God for icare payment plan. I no longer have to take pain medicine every single day anymore!!
Sep 04 2019 10:13 PM
"Taking our baby to the vet and finding out the seriousness of his health, we weren't expecting the vet bill to be so high, and meds were certainly something we didn't expect to have been hit with. We would have managed, but iCare was truly a blessing! "
Sep 04 2019 07:56 PM
Took my pet to the vet for treatment and they were great in assisting me!
Sep 04 2019 05:13 AM
Great program. I am in my 20's nad had been putting of getting braces. This opened the door for me fixing my smile.
Aug 30 2019 11:05 AM
Was able to finance two implants that was recommended but could not afford until now.
Aug 22 2019 12:17 AM
I was just presented with a list of treatments that I needed to have done along with monthly payment. I couldn't afford the first option so the Office Manager extended a few months for me. I was not told about any administration fees.
Aug 16 2019 05:55 AM
Great program. Fit right in my monthly budget. Yeah! I got my smile back.
Aug 14 2019 11:32 AM
To get a plan that helps me pay down my expenses.
Aug 14 2019 04:24 AM
I was able to take both my dogs to the vet walked out only paying $150 when my total bill was $570
Aug 14 2019 04:14 AM
My sweet pup needed medical attention.
Aug 07 2019 09:57 AM
Would recommend this program to anyone putting off dental treatment.
Aug 07 2019 08:41 AM
My six month old puppy had an upset stomach, a possible blockage. I had enough for one x-ray. But not enough for IV fluids or an overnight hospital stay. If it wasn't for icare I wouldn't been able to get my dog the help he needed.
Aug 06 2019 09:17 PM
"Gave my dog an extra year of life..... "
Aug 06 2019 11:24 AM
I was able to get some of the procedure done for my son that he needed
Aug 02 2019 09:29 AM
Great payment program. Enable me to get my daughters braces on. With this, I simply could not afford.
Jul 30 2019 05:22 AM
I was able to get a crown.
Jul 17 2019 12:30 PM
I had a great service from the office and the person offering me options for ample care and payment installments.
Jul 17 2019 08:08 AM
Cody was a rescue from a cruelty case that I adopted. He had always had a little trouble walking but began to drag himself due to severe luxating patella issues. We are grateful that he is healing well. He deserves a pain free life. I would not have been able to give him that without ICare!!
Jul 16 2019 05:00 AM
I am grateful for this service; the monthly payment thye set me up on was affordable.
Jul 11 2019 11:44 PM
My 9 month old Rott had his hip dislocate. He needed to have surgery. With the help.of icare we were able to help our puppy and now hex doing fine and recovering. Thank you.
Jul 11 2019 11:28 AM
iCare allowed me to be able to afford my dental services otherwise I wouldn't know what to do. My doctor was great and the surgery was painless. Win win
Jul 09 2019 01:51 PM
My dog needed surgery and I didn't have the full amount. With icare I was able to get his surgery and he is doing a lot better
Jul 09 2019 09:53 AM
My 8yr old pitbull was hit by a car her jaw was broken and without icare I would not have been able to get her the surgery to help her.
Jul 07 2019 10:33 PM
My dog has a tumor in her mouth. She had to have surgery every couple of months. It grows back all the time. This comes in handy I'm on a fixed income. I wish I could adjust the payments I don't get that option. They Tell me how much to pay every month. Its high now only cuz I'm sick and now on a fixed income. Still very grateful for it because she's my baby too.
Jul 07 2019 05:55 AM
I was able to get the dental work I needed.
Jul 06 2019 10:01 AM
I was able to get two implants. My only other option would have been to have my teeth extracted. This program was a lifesaver.
Jul 02 2019 05:32 AM
Broke a tooth, icare made it so I could afford to have it extracted.
Jun 28 2019 04:56 AM
It has helped me be able to get my husband's partial teeth pulled. It has helped me to get my teeth fixed still in the process.
Jun 26 2019 09:06 PM
Was able to get braces for both my son and daughter. We had been putting it off, the monhtly payments fit into our budget.
Jun 26 2019 07:46 PM
My son needs extensive dental work and waiting would have affected his health. The fact that I could pay over time was just what I needed.
Jun 22 2019 11:42 PM
It's helpful to break up large bills into smaller increments.
Jun 21 2019 08:44 PM
I was nervous about going to the dentist when I had broke my front teeth in a bike accident. This program saved me. I am so thankful.
Jun 19 2019 04:44 AM
My procedure would not have been possible without iCare. I am very thankful this was an option so I could get the dental work I needed!
Jun 14 2019 04:46 AM
Knowing iCare was available allowed me to take my sick kitty to the vet immediately when I needed to and not postpone care until I could get some money together, or even if I could. Thank you
Jun 11 2019 08:45 AM
help get the dental work I needed
Jun 07 2019 10:00 PM
I am able to start treatment after years of waiting.
Jun 07 2019 06:13 AM
I was able to get much needed dental work done in an affordable way. Even with insurance I had a large expense to cover on my own.
Jun 05 2019 06:15 PM
I needed braces. I tried to get financed before but was not given enough. This is the only program that let me on, with a payment I could afford.
Jun 02 2019 10:24 PM
I am 53 years old and my teeth are terrible . I had one break off in front and one just fell out on bottom front and cavities. So I truly need help to be able to change that and let me tell you how I truly am grateful your company help me to change my life. I look forward to showing a beautiful smile and how this will change my world in a mighty way. Been so embarrassed by my teeth and I sing and I have not really pushed what I truly wanted to do in entertainment field because of my teeth. Once my teeth get done I will be starting my music business cause then I will have the confidence to be in front of a crowd . I haven't done it till now with fixing my mouth because of never having 1000s of dollars to pay all at once and boy having this loan gave me the opportunity to make a healthy change my life that i so needed and I will always be so grateful and looking forward to my beautiful smile so let me tell you I will be referring people to you and I close by say Thank you so much😆
May 29 2019 03:39 AM
Got both my kids set up for braces. We were having to put this off for some time now. Glad this program was available.
May 24 2019 01:39 AM
dog was ill and not eating for a few days and was pooping blood. Dog was seen on a Saturday, Sunday and stayed overnight til Monday. The cost was adding up so we decided on the icare program so that we could afford the care.
May 22 2019 03:03 AM
Get to smile for my son's wedding 
May 21 2019 12:16 PM
We were able to get our dogs acl repaired
May 21 2019 11:13 AM
He helped afford my cleaning on my teeth.
May 17 2019 03:59 AM
Helped with dental!
May 16 2019 03:05 PM
My baby boy got parvo. I left a $100 deposit the day I left him at the vet. The day I picked him up my bill was $355. Sadly, I did not have all of the cash at the time. I was able to pay a percentage down $107.00 and finish the rest of the bill in monthly payments. Thank you iCare ! Without iCare I wouldnt have been able to bring my baby home!
May 15 2019 05:43 AM
It helped pay for a crown
May 15 2019 05:17 AM
My dog had severe teeth issues and had to have all but 8 teeth pulled. He had infections in most of them. Without this he would still be miserable because I could not afford the 1200. 00 balance
May 15 2019 02:46 AM
Now I'm more confident in my smile.
May 14 2019 09:53 AM
I had a car accident and lost most of my upper teeth and needed implants. iCare was a lifesaver
May 14 2019 05:59 AM
I need to help my animals an I care was tbere.
May 10 2019 07:00 AM
The folks at Kool smiles offered this program, and my daugher was able to get her braces treatment started.
May 10 2019 04:52 AM
My baby ( pitbull) had a hemotoma on her ear that ruptured. Her vet wouldn't take her so I took her to first coast and they were amazing . She got her surgery and I got to take her home with out losing sleep , knowing I can afford her medication and her surgery.
May 08 2019 07:28 AM
I went to a dentist previously that wanted me to pay $500 a month for a plan and I have two small kids to take care of with ICare I was able to make affordable payments to get my teeth fixed and get out of pain quickly I am now able to smile again I can't thank you guys enough!
May 05 2019 09:19 AM
Finally was able to afford braces for my 12 and 14 year olds. Both my boys needed it, but I was not able to afford. The monthly payments were very reasonable for my budget.
May 03 2019 07:23 AM
The low monthly payment for my daugters braces was great!
May 03 2019 05:48 AM
Serious dental needs that without ICare, I would not have been able to care of this.
May 02 2019 04:47 AM
"This finance program gave my dog a fighting chance. We are not out of the woods yet, but the surgery has already given him better quality of life. "
May 01 2019 05:45 AM
The staff walked me through the process and was super helpful!
Apr 30 2019 05:17 AM
Helped me get the dental implants I needed
Apr 30 2019 04:59 AM
My two front teeth were horrid and crooked. I have my smile back, and am greatful my dentist had this available.
Apr 24 2019 05:41 AM
I wouldn't have been able to afford my immediate dentures and sedation without iCare thankful the dentist let me know about it
Apr 18 2019 11:13 PM
Made it so I was able to treat the problem and not just put my kitty down.
Apr 18 2019 08:05 PM
My vet no longer offers carecredit. Which turn out to be good, I had never looked at the iCare program, and the fees are nothing compared to carecredit.
Apr 18 2019 07:44 PM
Apr 17 2019 12:18 PM
"Thank you for the program and helping people especially who are starting over from a divorce. God Bless you and Thank you so much. "
Apr 16 2019 07:11 PM
Saved my teeth
Apr 10 2019 10:13 AM
I would recommend icare to anyone who needs expensive dental work.
Apr 05 2019 04:29 AM
iCare gave my son and daughter in law the option to avoid euthanizing their kitten.
Apr 03 2019 06:35 AM
I need the help from the program being a single mother of 6 and no dental insurance. I think this is a good program and I'm very thankful for it .
Mar 30 2019 10:52 AM
It help me by letting me pay the dentist making affordable payments .
Mar 29 2019 11:31 AM
Icare covered what my care credit plan would not so I could get my permanent crown put on my molar.
Mar 29 2019 04:31 AM
My tooth does not hurt anymore
Mar 27 2019 03:36 AM
I am finally getting my teeth fixed. Without icare I couldn't of have it done. No way I could of paid everything at one time.. thanks icare!
Mar 26 2019 10:55 AM
I wasn't able to get treatment without icare
Mar 22 2019 06:33 AM
My dog Cody need surgery last yr and this yr my Samantha need surgery and I as able to have it done thanks to ICare.
Mar 22 2019 04:38 AM
Without iCare we wouldn't have been able to afford the care needed to keep our 2 year old cat Charlie alive.
Mar 20 2019 06:01 AM
"I brought our 10 week old puppy to the after hours vet which is our back up vet with a possible UTI. After tests were ran we noticed a questionable shadow in her bladder. They offered to keep her over night to get other opinions on her condition. Without the payment plan option I would not have been able to afford the additional tests and over night stay. "
Mar 19 2019 04:41 AM
The flat non-compounding fee is great.
Mar 18 2019 07:59 PM
It's easy payments are helping me to get a full set of dentures and a healthy mouth.
Mar 17 2019 06:38 AM
I just bought a mini Aussie came home with it and brought him to a friends where he ended up getting in contact with fleas and I didn't know he was Allegric my vet bill was more than expected so I went with icare which was super helpful.
Mar 15 2019 08:58 AM
ICare help me get the care I needed right away
Mar 15 2019 05:01 AM
I was really grateful for this payment plan because it helped with paying my dentist bill.
Mar 12 2019 08:57 AM
my 20 someting year old son and daughter was removed from my insurance because of their age and does not have employment that offers dental insurance therefore paying out of pocket was our only option.
Mar 08 2019 11:22 AM
ICare helped my fur baby with his flea allergies.
Mar 05 2019 09:41 PM
It helped us give our kitty the care she needed without putting out a lump sum at once. Thanks
Mar 05 2019 09:28 PM
I don't have insurance and can't afford dental care on my own. But my teeth are causing a lot of pain so I'm truly grateful to find iCare and get the treatment I need.
Mar 05 2019 05:14 AM
My dog would have died without surgery
Mar 05 2019 04:13 AM
Thank you! Life changing dental work is able to be done!
Mar 01 2019 11:10 PM
Getting the dental care I really needed was way out of my price range. This program afforded me the opporintuity to get treament that I had been putting off for years.
Feb 27 2019 10:28 PM
Happy to be out of pain and able to have the procedure done because even with insurance I wouldn't have been able to have it done.
Feb 27 2019 10:13 PM
I was able to get all 3 of my babies shots and flea meds
Feb 26 2019 04:36 AM
I am facing a very expensive dental procedure and didn't want to spend all my savings getting it done so your company was very helpful.
Feb 26 2019 03:15 AM
Growing up I always needed special care services for my teeth; but being under my parents insurance made that easy... since then the appointments became less and less frequent being on my own now... I never thought I would be able to get all necessary care i needed, and with iCare; i really was! It was just unbelievable...
Feb 22 2019 06:38 AM
Literally helped me save two of my dogs lives
Feb 13 2019 12:49 AM
Wouldn't have been able to afford my partial without icare
Feb 12 2019 01:23 AM
"The plan helped the Vet. because I could not pay the Vet for 2 days because of funds not available.
Feb 08 2019 08:29 AM
I was very pleased to find the icare plan because otherwise I did not know how I would get my needed dental work. The savings are great and I am getting my dental work in the future from Jefferson dental.
Feb 08 2019 05:21 AM
I saved my precious girl, I would have gladly paid triple,even thou I couldn't afford it, y'all helped with my almost 700 bill
Feb 06 2019 08:00 PM
I was able to afford the procedure that I needed.
Feb 06 2019 03:14 AM
My baby Prince was diagnosed with a heart murmur. He is 14 years old and I feel he exempt from being sick but he did and I am grateful for this plan. Thank you
Feb 06 2019 12:12 AM
"They really helped me out wit good affordable payments "
Feb 03 2019 05:51 AM
I got my smile back "yeah." I love the folks at Hampton Dental. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
Feb 02 2019 05:51 PM
Dr. Smith offering me iCare was the best thing that could have happened to me. I was able to get me teeth fixed for my wedding!
Feb 01 2019 08:49 AM
I cared afforded me to get the medical help my pet needed. Thanks ICare...
Jan 27 2019 08:43 AM
Due to iCare we were able to save our cat. Due to a bronchitis that turned into pneumonia by the time she was at the vet her body was 75% shut down but with the help of ICare she got the chance to go to the vet. She's been home for about a week and doing so much better. We're happy and she is too. Thank you.
Jan 24 2019 05:52 PM
After years of having bad teeth. I Was able to finally get what I needed done. My dental insurance did not cover all that I needed but with care I can afford to have all the work completed.
Jan 24 2019 04:48 PM
Thanks to iCare I was able to provide my cat with care that would have had to wait. Thank you very much!
Jan 23 2019 08:59 PM
It helped me afford my crown afyer saving for a month rather than having to wait even more time to save up the full $1000
Jan 21 2019 03:43 PM
"The staff at Jefferson Dental was fantastic. We were finanlly able to afford braces for our twin daughters with their iCare program "
Jan 19 2019 08:38 AM
Icare allowed me to get surgery for my kitty.
Jan 17 2019 02:30 PM
It's allowed me to have this dental work done to me.
Jan 14 2019 10:34 PM
We've used icare for two pets now and it greatly helps with the stress that comes with emergency vet care. Without it, I would not have been able to afford the lifesaving care my dog needed.
Jan 14 2019 03:51 PM
"Huge help for me. I need 3 root canals as well as 3 crowns. "
Jan 10 2019 05:35 PM
My pup had a dental cleaning done. My dogs teeth were very bad. Had an idea teeth were going to be pulled. He had almost all pulled! If i didnt have the option of iCare, I wouldn't of been able to have that done. Thank you for offering it!
Jan 09 2019 12:50 AM
"They out of their way to give you more options to choose from regards how expensive the cost is. I will definitely use or refer friends and family to iCare. Thank you for helping me get my smile back. I love it! "
Jan 08 2019 05:11 PM
Help me get daughter to dentist to do procedure that she needed asap an I couldn't afford it
Jan 04 2019 09:43 AM
iCare helped me be able to afford a pet emergency that I encounter where my pet had an acute injury that required emergency surgery.
Jan 03 2019 09:08 AM
We have multiple animals. So the monthly is affordable when we they are having issues.
Jan 01 2019 03:19 PM
Helped me to get the dental treatments that I need done
Jan 01 2019 10:50 AM
"My goat was snake bit over Thanksgiving 2018 and needed in house observation and I believe being able to get him the help he needed saved his life! Thank you"
Jan 01 2019 10:35 AM
Daughter needed braces and I didn't want a hard inquiry on my credit report to use care credit for a payment plan which is whats mostly offered by providers. So iCare was a good fit for me.
Jan 01 2019 07:08 AM
It helped me to be able to afford to cover the cost for my nephew to receive braces. The only way to support this expense is the Icare program. Thanks
Dec 28 2018 02:55 AM
Our pet had to stay a couple of days, several blood test, a couple of Ultrasounds and a blood transfusion due to her blood not being able to clot. Thanks to the treatment she is doing great and back home.
Dec 27 2018 05:06 AM
Allowed me to get major dental work done on the same day.
Dec 23 2018 01:20 PM
Very helpful
Dec 21 2018 05:59 AM
Great way to get treatment without breaking the bank
Dec 19 2018 06:15 AM
"Icare helped get my treatment right away. Affordable payments as well "
Dec 18 2018 04:41 AM
My daughters dog was attacked by another dog in the neighborhood and cause her to have a broken left front leg in several places and it was very bad they said. One of the best options we had was for a complete amputation and the icare was affordable for this
Dec 14 2018 09:32 AM
My 1 year old cat needed a complicated surgery due to a ruptured urethra the day before Thanksgiving, as well as follow up care. The cost was just over $1200. Even though the Vet is a low cost one, there is no way I would be able to pay for something like that without some kind of financing.
Dec 12 2018 05:37 AM
It helped. I did not have the cash to pay for my broken tooth. Was thankful this was an option with the Christmas right around the corner.
Dec 11 2018 07:29 AM
I was head bumped by a student accidently ams cracked my front tooth. I ended up needing a root canal which would cost me $1400 out of pocket. Was releaved iCare was an option
Dec 05 2018 11:18 PM
Helping pay for procedures otherwise unable to pay for
Dec 05 2018 01:31 AM
"I was very thrilled to hear that the vets office offered this option that I was allowed to use with this unexpected accident that my dog had. "
Dec 04 2018 05:24 AM
Needed tooth extraction Icare helped greatly. I don't have dental insurance so this is fantastic.
Dec 01 2018 01:57 AM
It helped me to finally get started with the work I needed done without it I would not have been able to and would stay in pain I am so great full and happy
Nov 30 2018 11:29 PM
My baby Sable had gotten into something and the poor baby had a very messed up stomach. With the help of icare I was able to get the tests ran and xrays taken to see what the problem was!! Thank you for being there to help in a tight spot when I needed to get by baby checked out!
Nov 29 2018 01:59 AM
My cat has had a series of problems over the past almost 2 years after getting a UTI. Now he needs a difficult surgery. I was glad my surgeon has this program.
Nov 14 2018 04:54 PM
My son's dog needed surgery for bladder stones. If this option was not available, I'm not sure what he would have done.
Nov 02 2018 05:31 PM
"It helped me take care of my little dog. "
Oct 30 2018 02:46 AM
Thank you icare now i have a beautiful smile again
Oct 26 2018 09:27 PM
It allowed me to get the care that I needed for my teeth.
Oct 26 2018 09:02 PM
My dog had surgery, his teeth cleaned and a chip put in. The icare plan came in very handy.
Oct 26 2018 07:53 PM
I need a root canal on a tooth that was really hurting. It was unbearable and it cost a lot of money but with your program I was able to get the work done. You guys made it possible I will definitely be using you guys again.
Oct 23 2018 04:02 PM
My cat needed an emergency surgery and my puppy had parvo!
Oct 11 2018 05:29 PM
It was good
Oct 11 2018 04:00 PM
Helped me get a root canal I desperately needed
Oct 11 2018 03:41 PM
I'm on a lot of medication that are making my teeth brittle so if I bite down on something hard they break in half or crumble, therefore I needed dental work including implants. iCare made this possible. Thanks.
Oct 10 2018 10:40 AM
I had no other options or else my kitty was going to die. No More Homeless Pets on Cassat is the best vet clinic I have ever been to and will switch all my fur babies to them in the future.
Oct 04 2018 04:16 PM
Icare saved my cats life. Thank you, Thank you. Big Smooch!
Oct 02 2018 02:33 PM
They allowed me to give the best care for my furbaby until it was not possible to do so anymore.
Sep 28 2018 10:28 AM
I was told by the dentist that I had to get 2 teeth extracted. I couldnt afford it so the manager told me about Icare and how it would help me with treatment. I signed up and was able to get the treatment I needed immediately. It's very affordable for the treatments that you may need and if your short on money with no insurance
Sep 25 2018 06:03 PM
My puppy was very ill and the bill was piling up as he was under care for almost a month. iCare saved me a huge headache as their was no way possible I would have been able to pay his bill at once. Thanks guys
Sep 25 2018 12:10 PM
I maxed out on my dental insurance and this was recommended to me by my dentist as an option.
Sep 25 2018 12:03 PM
iCare helped me to get the root canals that I needed
Sep 24 2018 02:48 AM
We. We're able to get our Dog the care and treatment she needed and she's back to her HAPPY DOG SELF. THANKS ICARE
Sep 21 2018 09:07 PM
I have 5 rescued cats. My FORMER vet demanded payment up front and I couldn't afford it. My cat had stomatitis and was in pain. Thank goodness for iCare where I was able to make payments. Then recently another car developed stomatitis but turned out he just had four bad teeth. Again, without iCare, I wouldn't have been able to afford it.
Sep 20 2018 08:16 PM
I had to have dental work done and could not afford to pay the total amount out of pocket due to lack of insurance coverage.
Sep 20 2018 05:52 PM
"I got an implant instead of a bridge, which is way better. "
Sep 17 2018 05:26 PM
Mom elderly mom on a fixed income. Needed new bridge I was able to pay for it, for her to get her teeth back to healthy because she could no way afford it.
Sep 14 2018 12:57 AM
It helped save our cat's life.
Sep 12 2018 01:40 PM
I had an emergency situation where my front cap broke off and I did not have the money to pay upfront. ICare was great in offing this service.
Sep 11 2018 06:31 PM
iCare helped me get the much needed dental care I would not have been able to afford. I have dental insurance, but insurance can leave you with a lump sum of out-of-pocket expenses. Other lenders deny you credit or loans just because you may not have excellent credit. Situations and circumstances happen to good people that may cause our credit scores to drop. That doesn't mean we should have to go without the care we need. iCare understands that! I appreciate them caring enough to not let someone's credit keep them from getting medical or dental care procedures, even if it's cosmetic. I plan to stay with iCare even as my credit improves because they chose to help me. Thank you iCare.
Sep 11 2018 04:25 PM
ICare mad eit affordable to get my dog into surgery to mend his broken leg back together.
Sep 09 2018 05:51 PM
It was an emergency and without iCare my pet probably wouldn't be here.
Sep 06 2018 08:41 PM
It was necessary to seek means for additional funds in order to have enough money for the dental work needed. Tamir, the office manager informed of icare and how it would help my situation. I immediately applied. Thank you.
Sep 06 2018 01:21 AM
Great. Thankful this was available
Sep 04 2018 02:04 PM
Just started a new job and was not able to pay for the full price of the bill at the time being, my dog is so much happier now that he received the medication he needs thanks to iCare
Sep 04 2018 04:28 AM
I was able to get much needed dental work done that was affecting my quality of life and health. Thank you!
Aug 28 2018 11:55 PM
My dog was throwing up blood so we got him into vet the same day. Over 600 in bills but only had to pay 190 down. This is truly a blessing since vet bills are so high.
Aug 23 2018 06:45 PM
I had a sudden, huge vet bill to pay because my cat suddenly got a dangerously high fever and had to be hospitalized. iCare was able to help me.
Aug 23 2018 03:08 PM
My cat needed emergeny surgery. It potentially saved her life.
Aug 21 2018 01:23 PM
I'm very happy for this great program!
Aug 20 2018 07:42 PM
ICare helped me receive treatment that I would have otherwise not been able to obtain.
Aug 20 2018 05:54 PM
Let me improve my well being. I got my smile back.
Aug 20 2018 05:23 PM
It helped tremendously. I would'nt have been able to smile again without it.
Aug 20 2018 08:53 AM
My husband was in tremendous pain from an abscessed tooth and having ICare available helped us get him out of pain right away
Aug 17 2018 04:44 AM
Used it to buy a partial for my teeth
Aug 13 2018 02:50 PM
Another dental place wouldn't do anything for me as to a payment plan without having perfect credit..icare let me do the payments through my bank..thankful for what they offer
Aug 09 2018 06:50 PM
My Vet office told me about icare when I had my puppy there. He had parvo and I needed help to get him treated. Thanks to icare and payment plan I was able to get my puppy meds and treatment. Without icare I might not have gotten the assistance to save my puppy. And I am happy to say he is now a year and a half old and doing wonderful.
Aug 09 2018 05:43 AM
I adopted a 7 year dog and was told she would need a skin tag remove, but didn't realize how much it would cost. iCare helped.
Aug 07 2018 10:15 PM
It made it possible for my dog to have surgery and before that it made it possible for me to pay a large bill in small payments.
Aug 07 2018 09:41 PM
Milo my dog is not nice at the vets plus he needed fixed so while they put him out they found he had a uti and I didn't have the whole amount to do it so with the icare I was able to have it all done
Aug 07 2018 08:50 AM
iCare allowed me to get treatment for my dog that I wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise. Greatly appreciated!
Aug 06 2018 08:27 PM
Our puppy had surgery for a broken leg.
Aug 06 2018 08:22 PM
Our 6 yr old boxer mix has a huge growth on his side. He had to stay a few nights and came home. Amazing people and staff very pleased with all things. iCare was so helpful.
Aug 06 2018 12:22 AM
My teeth were horrible. I am 50 years old and my teeth were decaying and brittle. I wanted to get full dentures for 3 years but couldn'tafford them. Finally, with Dr Diana Lois and her office staff, I was given the option of iCare and my dream became reality.
Aug 04 2018 06:57 AM
Helped me to keep a longer healthy smile
Aug 03 2018 10:17 PM
I am able to get treatment that I wouldn't otherwise be able to receive!
Aug 03 2018 09:28 AM
Help my 2 babies get there dental done
Aug 03 2018 09:19 AM
Due to financial constraints, I was turned away by several vets, including a vet that we were with for MANY years, for the treatment (and/or surgery) that my 9 yr old Bichon (Molly) needed in order to survive. I paid to FCNMHP for the entire diagnosis, including emergency hospitalization and surgery, as well as follow up treatment and medications! There is not enough time in the day to say all of the ways that FCNMHP and iCare are amazing and literally saved our Molly's life! THANK YOU!
Aug 03 2018 08:49 AM
I was able to get it done sooner with icare
Aug 03 2018 08:36 AM
Helped me pay for my daughter to get her wisdom teeth out.
Jul 24 2018 11:51 PM
As a veteran and with limited income, there was no way for me to see a dentist, most wanted me to upfront much more than I could afford. Thank you for helping out the little guy who just wants a simple smile..
Jul 17 2018 01:20 PM
I'm finally getting on to having good dental care on a regular.
Jul 16 2018 09:34 PM
My dog swallowed a toy and created a blockage in his intestines. We thought he would have to have surgery but thankfully he passed the toy ball. I am glad icare was available in the case he needed the surgery.
Jul 11 2018 07:19 PM
Unfortunately my baby passed away, but icare did help to make the payments easier!!
Jul 11 2018 03:59 PM
I had to have a root canal from a specialist and Icare was there to help me pay for the treatment with monthly payment that I could afford.
Jul 11 2018 11:33 AM
I was in pain due to lack moler cavity. Without I care I wouldn't have had the money to pay for treatment for couple of months. With I care was able to get treatment in a week.
Jul 11 2018 11:10 AM
Helping in getting the dental care I needed at a reasonable agreement to pay terms
Jul 11 2018 08:55 AM
because this was unexpected emergency my dog Cody would not of been able to get the treatment he needed to heal properly if it was not for iCare
Jul 11 2018 04:42 AM
My cats got real sick and needed treatment that day I am a single mom so on this day I was in between paychecks. Having this option saved my cats and in the end is rather convenient with the monthly payments and the time before my first payment comes out. Knowing I can add to it as well makes me feel better. Thank you
Jul 10 2018 06:40 PM
I am a single mom on a teacher's salary in a rural town in West Texas. I have insurance through the Title One school that I work for, but it was no where near enough to be able to afford the surgery that I needed. Without iCare and the staff at the office helping me find out about it and learn how to sign up for it, I would not have been able to afford the oral surgery that will be ultimately life saving.
Jul 10 2018 04:07 PM
We would have been able to pay the bill but it would have been a struggle. It helped us to be able to make the decisions we needed to to help our Romeo get the proper care
Jul 10 2018 03:20 PM
Save my dogs life
Jul 10 2018 02:42 PM
use icare to help finance a dentist visit had a real bad toothache after the exam was finished i reviewed my options with icare and found a great payment option that fit my needs i would definitley use this service again.
Jul 04 2018 10:07 PM
Was able to get work done in same day.
Jul 03 2018 01:56 PM
Icare gave me the ability to have all of my top teeth pulled and a new denture placed. Being a mom with teeth pain is hard and the pain was becoming unbearable. Without icare I would not be able to afford the dental work I need.
Jul 02 2018 06:33 PM
It was great my dog King cut his leg and it was sad I could afford everything I applied for but I asked about a monthly payment plan then they offered Icare if I wasn't for this he would have never got the treatment he needed. Thanks sooo much
Jun 28 2018 01:27 PM
I'm pushing 60 and my teeth are all my own. Back molar was giving me trouble chewing so I went to explore my options. Tooth was starting to crack and was VERY worn down over the years, so in order to keep the tooth I was advised to get a root canal and a crown. Not having insurance made this a dicey proposition, especially after I saw the cost for a "cash" customer. Luckily, there were two options available to me. iCare was one of those options and it allowed me to break up the bill into payments I could manage, So, I'm happy to say that I've already had my root canal, have my temporary crown in place and waiting for the real crown to be put on in a couple of weeks. Without iCare I would have had to budget for this bill and possibly wait a couple of months to make this happen. In that period of time, the tooth could have cracked and I would have had no option but to have the tooth extracted...leaving me without a tooth. Although not cheap, this repair was the most affordable and best option available to me with iCare.
Jun 27 2018 04:41 AM
"My son needed dental work done, which without this payment option, We wouldn't of been able to get done for him. Thank you SO much for all your help!!! "
Jun 26 2018 02:18 AM
Our baby was sick there was no way we could have spent the $1000 in care she needed at the time and iCare helped out alot!
Jun 22 2018 12:36 AM
"I just want to say thank you. Without iCare I would not been able to get the work done with my teeth. Needed 2 route canals and my insurance would only cover a small amount. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks, Robert R"
Jun 20 2018 08:37 PM
I had to get 2 root canals done plus a tooth extraction and without iCare, I wouldn't have been able to afford the upfront cost to get it done. Yes, I will be paying for 2 years, but it's a very low payment and I was able to get my teeth worked on. I hate going to the dentist but with iCare, at least I know I will be able to afford the dental work and not have to wait to get it done. Thank you very much.
Jun 20 2018 05:48 AM
Without icare the needed surgery would have been delayed
Jun 19 2018 01:02 AM
Without Icare I wouldn’t be able to get my root canal..
Jun 15 2018 09:47 PM
One of my molars broke off and I needed an emergency root canal. I was unable to afford paying for procedure even with insurance coverage. iCare made it possible for me to be able to ensure that my tooth was properly taken care of in a timely manner. It really took the financial stress out of the whole situation. Thank the gods for iCare!
Jun 15 2018 10:43 AM
I was able to get the care I needed
Jun 15 2018 07:21 AM
My dog had to have blood work done. I am on a fixed income. If not for icare, i couldn't afford to give him the treatment he needs.
Jun 13 2018 11:22 AM
Appreciate the opportunity for my daughter to be able to afford complete vet care for her pups.
Jun 13 2018 03:42 AM
It helped me because my family is low income..icare is the only way I could afford to get my teeth fixed.
Jun 13 2018 03:13 AM
Allowed our 3.5 week old kitten get treatment for ruptured umbilical hernia! Thank you
Jun 13 2018 03:04 AM
My son is able to eat because of this. I couldn't afford to spend the money necessary to fix everything he needed done.
Jun 12 2018 04:41 AM
"I needed a root canal done with follow-up temporary post and crown; then a permanent crown. Top front tooth - really needed it done. "
Jun 10 2018 12:25 AM
Greatly appreciate
Jun 09 2018 01:42 AM
My dog had an infected hot spot on his face. At first we weren't sure and thought something had bitten him. He was also due for his annuals. Because he is so large they could not treat / shave him awake. He had to be under anethesia and so things became unaffordable. But iCare enable me to go on a monthly payment i could afford
Jun 08 2018 11:34 PM
Was able to get my tooth fixed
Jun 07 2018 11:01 PM
Was able to have my fur baby the care he needed.
Jun 06 2018 06:55 PM
"It helped me get dental work that I needed happy to get dental work done "
Jun 06 2018 06:24 PM
Icare saved my dog! Without it I could afford the surgery needed. Thank you!!!!!
Jun 06 2018 09:48 AM
Unexpected surgery on our dog... this helped us tremendously
Jun 06 2018 08:39 AM
Helped me to have a great smile. Helped to get treatment sooner.
Jun 06 2018 07:15 AM
My dog had never been to a dentist. If it wasn't for I care she wouldn't have never gotten her teeth cleaned and frayed.
Jun 06 2018 04:51 AM
Without iCare I wouldn't have been able to afford my one dogs surgery last fall or my other dogs sudden illness this past January. We have added on several times.
Jun 06 2018 03:21 AM
I am able to smile again
Jun 06 2018 02:37 AM
I used Icare threw a vets office for emergency surgery for my dog without it and the help my dog would not be here today! Thank you!!!!
Jun 06 2018 01:29 AM
My female pit went into labor and puppies got stuck they saved my girl and 1 pup my lifesavers!!!
Jun 06 2018 01:23 AM
I was able to get a partial for my mouth. I had a loose crown and this helped me to get it fixed.
Jun 06 2018 01:05 AM
Took my dog to the vet and I did not have the money to get him the help so the vet offered icare
Jun 06 2018 12:46 AM
I wouldn't have been able to get my dental work done without it. It has helped me to get my teeth fixed . Thank you iCare
May 23 2018 06:51 PM
Thanks to ICare we were able to get our 2 puppies treated for emergency treatment and tests the same day.
May 23 2018 05:27 AM
our cat needed surgery and they offered us a payment plan
May 23 2018 03:56 AM
Helped me get my dog back to good health
May 17 2018 12:47 AM
Really appreciate The help so I could get my work done at with no interest. Thanks. Dan
May 16 2018 11:15 PM
Got my boys all their shots, heart guard, and flea and tick medicine.
May 16 2018 08:44 PM
It is helping me to get my teeth fixed
May 16 2018 01:38 AM
I would not be able to get my teeth worked on without it.
May 16 2018 01:23 AM
It basically kept me from being stretched for money while I’m away from my primary residence and job taking care of my terminally ill father.
May 15 2018 11:42 PM
"iCare has helped me twice in emergencies for my pets. I'm so thankful that I was able to help them without having to borrow money from someone. "
May 13 2018 03:03 PM
I was in a domestic violent relationship & he messed up my smile,etc. Found out about Icare & it changed my smile into pure beauty. I am so glad i FOUND them.
May 10 2018 03:34 PM
I had to bring my Papillon in to the Emergency clinic after hours when he collapsed. The vets believed he had a mass that was bleeding internally and needed further testing and an overnight stay to stabilize him. Without I Care we would have had to make the immediate decision to euthanize for lack of funds. Without Icare we wouldn’t have even been able to give Riley even a fighting chance. It’s very comforting to know that there are options when that time comes so that money or lack thereof doesn’t have to come between your fur baby and your vet being able to care for them.
May 08 2018 02:39 PM
"With your plan I am able to get the Dental work that I need done. At low monthly payments. Just getting started and I already feel better about myself. I can smile a little bit now. Thank you icare"
May 08 2018 02:24 PM
"I went in for a simple crown re-cement but learned I needed a root canal and new crown. I would not have been able to have treatment the same day without your service. "
May 08 2018 01:43 PM
I had a terrible tooth infection it had been weeks i had been in pain and when i was told i could save my teeth by getting a root canal i liked the idea. I was just not able to afford the amount it cost at the moment when i was told about icare i felt a relief to know i was going to be able to get my teeth fixed.
May 08 2018 11:33 AM
I was able to get dentures finally
May 07 2018 10:28 AM
My teeth were in very bad condition and were starting to basically rot out of my mouth. Well I am a single mom of four and even with dental insurance I kept telling myself there is no way I can afford to get the amount of work that I need done. iCare was offered to me and explained and I couldn't be more thankful.
May 03 2018 10:04 AM
Getting my teeth replaced to be able to boost my confidence
May 03 2018 09:47 AM
My son was able to get his front teeth fixed because iCare allowed me an affordable option to pay for them. It helped lift that weight so much!
Apr 26 2018 09:09 AM
It helped a lot.
Apr 19 2018 02:33 PM
My husband needed a new bridge and thanks to ICARE we were able to get it done.
Apr 19 2018 02:18 PM
"I needed to save two teeth and this helped me to do that/ "
Apr 19 2018 01:49 PM
This is perfect for me as I don’t have the credit to open a new credit card. I do however have the ability to make monthly payments
Apr 19 2018 11:49 AM
"Our American bulldog, Willow, had torn her ACL. She is only 6 years old. She would have pain and limited ability for the rest of her life. Thanks to iCare my son was able to afford her surgery to correct her serious medical condition. "
Apr 19 2018 10:55 AM
My cat had a blocked urethra and withoit intervention, could’ve died. I can’t get Care Credit (what most vets use) because of my student loans. With a vet bill of $750, iCare made it possible for my cat to get the care he needed and something I could afford.
Apr 14 2018 09:36 PM
it helped us with everything payment and payment plan I appreciate all the help were getting
Apr 12 2018 10:42 PM
I was able to pay for my root canal.
Apr 12 2018 06:32 PM
Gave me the option to get the work done at a low down payment
Apr 12 2018 06:14 PM
My little girl Lizzy was very sick, she has kidney failure and a severe infection in her kidneys and needed hospitalization and I could not have afforded the treatment had it not been for iCare.
Apr 12 2018 06:00 PM
iCare saved me from all the years of I was embarrased to smile. They offered me an affordable option and I took it without hesitation. Thank you to iCare.
Apr 12 2018 05:19 PM
Im very excited about my deep cleaning. I havent been to the dentist in 12 yrs unfortunately. Icare literally cared. The staff was very pleasant. My doctor very concerning and gentle. I love my experience
Apr 12 2018 04:58 PM
It helped my loved one get the extractions and deep clean he needed.
Apr 12 2018 04:28 PM
I care was great for me it allowed me to get dental care that was long over due at a affordable place im beyond happy.
Apr 12 2018 04:16 PM
"It helped me find out what was wrong with my loving 10 year old dog. Without icare I would not have been able to afford the xrays that would have told me she has cancer and only has a few months left with us. I am extremely appreciative to the fact that I could find out what is making her sick and be able to also get her medications to help her feel better in this rough time for us both. "
Apr 12 2018 04:15 PM
My 7 yr old male cat continues to have urinary track issues and expensive costs to have him catheterized. I had just spent $900 3 days before this next episode arose. With iCare he was able to be treated.
Apr 12 2018 04:14 PM
Very much thank you
Mar 30 2018 12:40 PM
my husbanded is ill and is diabetic, the diabetes is affecting his teeth and he had so many cavity's and need a lot of fillings and we can afford that didn't have insurance then but when we where told about i care we were so happy were glad that Jefferson had this kind of program without it weren't able to afford dental care thank you i care
Mar 30 2018 07:26 AM
I was able to get the surgery I needed.
Mar 29 2018 07:21 PM
Finally found a affortable dentist and icare helped me alot thank you.
Mar 25 2018 02:03 PM
This option was for me. I had two teeth that were causing me a lot of pain. I'm glad that this was available it was my rescue. Now I can take care of all my family's needs regarding their teeth health needs....
Mar 21 2018 10:47 AM
Very helpful and convenient!
Mar 21 2018 08:22 AM
I had been suffering from a broken tooth that I had for at least a year without getting anything done to it. Until I had no choice the pain became unbarable. I found Jefferson Dental Clinic online went inn and was happy since.
Mar 20 2018 10:32 PM
Thank you
Mar 20 2018 09:41 PM
My dog had a stick lodged in his throat, had enlarged lymph glands and had lost weight. He needed treatment right away. I was able to get him the treatment he needed and he is doing well.
Mar 20 2018 08:02 PM
"I first discovered iCare last year. I am disabled awaiting a hearing date which takes a very long time. Without iCare's convenient & easy pay plan, I wouldn't have been able to provide my ""best friend"" the care she needed. "
Mar 20 2018 07:47 PM
Helped get care for my Chocolate Lab
Mar 20 2018 07:02 PM
My baby girl is my world. I’m so thankful for Best Friends for tellin about this program. I would not have been able to pay without this option.
Mar 20 2018 04:57 PM
"Having this program, people can afford to have the dental work so needed. Without it, many people cannot do it. "
Mar 20 2018 04:44 PM
I have limited income and bad teeth. This help me get the care I needed
Mar 20 2018 03:53 PM
She is able to smile again.
Mar 20 2018 03:38 PM
My son was able to get his bone graph.
Jan 14 2018 08:10 PM
Kaylee was dying and she would’ve without medical attention. She nearly died anyway. Without icare I would’ve had to euthanize her.
Dec 11 2017 01:56 PM
"I had an abscess tooth that needed to be pulled, I didn't want my other teeth to shift and I couldn't wait to have a root canal/ build up for crown. I was moving into a new rental home that day and had just paid rent, deposit, and deposits for water/power. I could not pay the full amount for services. I was given my options along with cost. I chose to have the tooth pulled and a bone graft placed. The I care plan allowed me to do this. When I'm ready I can go back later for an implant. "
Dec 07 2017 10:30 AM
I was able to get a full lower denture in place of the partial I got in 2012. I broke one tooth left in the lower part of my mouth so the others need to be pulled to support a denture. I am retired so I couldn't afford the cost otherwise.
Dec 07 2017 05:37 AM
Due to an unforseen fight between two of my dogs I was forced to take them in to our vet. It was decided surgery was unavoidable.. Due to a previous fight our credit card didn't have enoigh to cover both surgeries this plan was suggested as an option to us. Both dogs are home and doing well now.
Nov 28 2017 06:22 PM
This is the second time using ICare. Being able to split up the cost and pay over time allowed me to get the treatment both of my cats needs. Thank you!!
Nov 27 2017 05:11 PM
My dog Mystey had an infected Uterus and without the emergency spay we would have lost her.
Nov 27 2017 05:07 PM
I have needed work on my teeth for a long time and finally found something affordable.
Nov 16 2017 04:17 PM
It took a lot of the frustration and worry out of the equation regarding having my dental procedure done.
Nov 14 2017 11:46 AM
Yes it did help
Nov 13 2017 07:16 PM
It saved our dogs life.
Nov 13 2017 05:20 PM
"It was a tremendous help thanks "
Nov 09 2017 01:18 PM
I️ was able to set up a payment plan to treat my tooth
Nov 09 2017 12:52 AM
My cat needed an expensive ear surgery and without it he would have been in tremendous pain and could go deaf. He is currently recovering, eating, drinking and getting back to his usual self. Thank you!
Nov 08 2017 10:25 PM
Was able to have a mass removed from my dog's mouth which I could not have afforded without iCare.
Nov 08 2017 07:29 PM
It helped us a lot, my wife was in pain and running out of options, we thank you very much.
Nov 08 2017 03:22 PM
"I got my baby the care he needed. Without it I wouldn't be able to. "
Nov 08 2017 01:11 PM
Nov 03 2017 09:10 PM
My Dog Scooby Blue had vomiting diarrhea with bleeding required xrays testing IV's meds and a Rx food. I'm grateful for iCare.
Nov 03 2017 07:46 PM
My dig was extremely sick. She got hold of something and ate it. She is nearly 8, and it was a weekend, so my vet wasn't open. I called Emergency vet, but the option they offer is very expensive, they run your credit and the APR is 27.99%. We couldn't afford that. A friend told me my vet would work with us. That is when we were introduced to iCare.
Nov 03 2017 12:26 PM
Going to help me get my teeth fixed so my health will be better! Thank you!
Nov 03 2017 10:38 AM
you guys made me smile again
Oct 30 2017 06:41 PM
Easy payment
Oct 30 2017 05:35 PM
I care allowed me to care for my pet. Ihave only had her 3 months but she is my child. If it wasnt for icare she would still be in pain i make a good amount of money but $300 at one time among everything else would have been hard. So thank you icare for making it possible for me to keep my Cocoa. A 9yr old pitbull terrior.
Oct 30 2017 04:26 PM
My lab, Eve, needed a rapidly growing mass removed. Dr. Leonard was pretty sure it was a fatty tumor, but it was growing quickly and it was under the muscle, so she was concerned. It did turn out to be all fat, but I was relieved to have it out and confirmed to be benign!
Oct 30 2017 04:12 PM
"My front teeth need to be crowned and root canals there was no way I could afford it I was able to get the root canals and them filled with a 4 month payment plan then I will do the crowns. It has helped with my self esteem "
Oct 30 2017 04:11 PM
been wanting to get my breast surgery for 2 years now and because of them I’m now able to make that dream come true! Yay!
Oct 30 2017 04:06 PM
I had 4 littles ones, 2 pups and 2 kittens. All needed shots and flea treatments. They also need to be spay and neutered. I will add that now that I know I can and get what they need.
Oct 28 2017 12:35 AM
I didn’t have all the money, so payment is perfect.
Oct 26 2017 11:04 AM
"It helped my baby girl, please Patches get well because she had worms and she became dehydrated and just overall sick. Thank you so much for the payment plan. My baby means the world to me and it's a big deal being able to afford keeping her healthy. Thanks again to icare!"
Oct 25 2017 02:41 AM
I don't agree that I can't make additional payment to lower my monthly payment or the option to pay it off.

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