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How Veterinary Financing Programs Can Reduce Stress for Pet Owners

2023-12-04 | Veterinary

Owning a pet brings immense joy and companionship to our lives, but it also comes with responsibilities, including the financial aspect of veterinary care. Unexpected medical expenses can be a significant source of stress for pet owners. To address this concern, veterinary financing programs have emerged as a valuable solution, providing a financial safety net …

5 Benefits of Utilizing a Veterinary Financing Program for Your Pet’s Health Needs

2023-12-04 | Veterinary

Pet ownership brings immeasurable joy and companionship to our lives, but it also comes with responsibilities—chief among them being the health and well-being of our furry friends. Regular veterinary care ensures your pets’ long and healthy lives. However, the cost of veterinary services can sometimes become a financial burden for pet owners. To alleviate this …

The Role of Dental Patient Financing in Improving Oral Health

2023-12-04 | dental financing

The importance of oral health is tenfold. According to a WHO report, oral diseases and problems adversely impact over 3.5 billion people globally. This is why the dental community is scrambling for ways to combat this problem. One of the most promising solutions so far is dental patient financing programs.  Over the years, these patient …

Exploring the Benefits of a Medical Financing Program: A Comprehensive Guide

2023-12-04 | iCare Financial

Healthcare financing includes the method of raising money for proper health care but also the allocation of essential funds. National health expenditures are acquired from government and non-government sources to finance a wide range of programs. Every country needs medical financing for the global population or at least for the poor and elderly who cannot …

How to Choose the Right Dental Patient Financing Plan for Your Practice

2023-10-09 | dental financing

Have you ever tried to give your patient’s dental financing program with all the required facts so that it is simple to accept? A study says that approximately 88% of dentists are most concerned about patients’ ability to pay. It can be difficult to communicate complicated information to a patient in a way that is …

Dental Patient Financing and Its Impact On Patient Satisfaction

2023-10-09 | dental financing

Cost is the main deterrent to visiting the dentist, according to people. People are less likely to incorporate routine dental visits into their routines as fewer businesses and insurers now offer dental coverage. The best way to get patients to agree to and stick with a treatment plan is to provide them with various financial …

The Benefits of Dental Patient Financing: A Comprehensive Guide

2023-10-09 | dental financing

Dental health is important for overall good health. Yet, people often delay or avoid necessary dental treatments due to financial constraints. This means that patients can get quality health care much earlier if they have adequate financing options. According to a survey, most dental practices have a 30% to 50% growth potential over the course …

The Future of Dental Patient Financing: Trends and Predictions

2023-10-06 | dental financing

In thе world of dеntistry, ensuring that everyone has access to essential oral care is a top priority.  That’s whеrе dеntal patiеnt financing comеs into play. Dеntal practicеs have long offеrеd financing options to make quality care accessible to all. However, as technology advances and consumer expectations evolve, thе landscapе of dеntal patient financing or …

Maximizing Your Dental Practice’s Revenue with Patient Financing

2023-10-06 | dental financing

In today’s fast-paced world, who doesn’t want a radiant smile? Yet the cost of dental care can be daunting. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, 33.6% of adults ages 19-64 do not have any dental benefits. That’s when patient financing for dental offices emerges as a beacon of hope. It’s not just about …

2021 Veterinary Hospital of the Year Nominee Rolls Out Unique Payment Plans for Local South Carolina Families

2022-02-07 | Veterinary

Travelers Rest Animal Hospital makes quality veterinary care and services more accessible and affordable for thousands of pet-owning families. February 7, 2022 As the only full service, accredited animal hospital in the beautiful mountain community of Travelers Rest, South Carolina, Travelers Rest Animal Hospital is leading the way in providing exceptional pet care. Recently nominated …

Patients and Dental Team Grateful for the Opportunity to Offer Flexible Payment Plans at Dr. Rick Friedrichs, DDS

2022-02-07 | Dental

iCare Financial Dental Newsletter – February 7, 2022 Dr. Rick Friedrichs, DDS is a general, family and cosmetic dental practice located in Tomball, Texas. The practice has been serving the Tomball Community for over 30 years, and their philosophy is “to always be a patient centered practice that is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care …

Family Friendly Dentistry In North Carolina Grows Revenue with iCare Financial.

2022-01-15 | Dental

Atlanta, GA – January 15, 2022 Dr. E. Smoak Ackerman, owner of Family Friendly Dentistry and a board-certified dentist known by Youngsville, North Carolina residents for his infectious personality introduces an innovative dental billing plan, iCare Financial, to make dental care more affordable for local patients. As the top dental practice for over 10 years, …

The Sad Truth: Financial Euthanasia On The Rise

2018-07-02 | Veterinary

With medical costs on the rise, many pet owners are being faced with the harsh and financial decision of either pursuing care for their pets or putting them to sleep to defray costs. A phenomenon referred to as “economic or financial euthanasia” leaves pet owners trying to manage their pet’s health with shrinking family incomes. …

iCare Financial and Project Main Street are Teaming Up to Ease the Financial Burden of Victims of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Through Donations

2014-12-01 | iCare Financial

iCare Financial Newsletter – January 2016 In their newest campaign, iCare Financial and Project Main Street are working together to help ease the financial burden on victims with the terminal disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig Disease). For each consumer plan processed through the iCare Financial Program, iCare will donate …

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