Top-Rated Virginia Dental Practice Sets the Stage for Affordable Dental Care For All

The award-winning doctors at Smiles for Life Dental Care roll out a new dental financing plan, offering the Shenandoah, VA community an affordable way to access quality dental care. 

April 22, 2019

Bridgewater, Virginia based dental practice, Smiles for Life, recently announced higher patient satisfaction as a result of implementing a new, more flexible dental financing program called iCare Financial. With a mission to create smiles that last a lifetime, Drs. McIntyre and Whiting and associates, with the help of iCare, have been able to restore hope to patients that thought they had to bypass necessary dental procedures due to the cost. 

At Smiles for Life, their team of dentists combine patient-centered care with high-quality services to keep their patients’ smile strong and healthy. As a full service practice with four full-time doctors, Dr. Joe McIntyre, Dr. Dan Whiting, Dr. Kelsey Rockey, and Dr. Bryant Ash, and as a certified Medicare Provider, Smiles for Life is able to meet the varied dental needs of their patients, even in Bridgewater, a small community of approximately 7,000 residents. 

“Now with iCare in place, since June 2016, we are able to offer a lot more payment flexibility to our patients. We’ve even noticed a measurable increase in our referral rates and overall higher patient satisfaction, knowing they can finally affordably access the dental services they need,” explains Smiles for Life’s Financial Manager.


The implementation of the full iCare program was relatively straightforward, letting Smiles for Life patients begin to immediately reap the benefits of being able to make monthly payments, even for their most comprehensive dental work. With a proven track record of exceeding patient expectations, Smiles for Life offers treatments ranging from routine cleanings and exams to more complex restorative and cosmetic procedures. 

And, with the addition of iCare, Shenandoah valley residents will have even more access to the care they need to feel confident in their appearance and not have to worry about being looked down upon due to the state of their teeth. 



Leading Prosthodontist Practice Lightens the Financial Burden for Innovative Dental Care with iCare Financial

iDENTity Dental Studio has lowered the cost of full-scale dental care by implementing an unique financing plan with iCare Financial, changing the lives of their patients – one smile at a time.

Lexington, KY – April 8, 2019

Led by Dr. Stapleton, the prosthodontist team at iDENTity Dental Studio are at the intersection of science, art and dentistry. Offering comprehensive services for large dental treatment profiles, Dr. Stapleton believes art is as integral to the field of dentistry as science, and it is this holistic approach that sets this practice apart in the field. Founded on a mission to transform not only the oral health of their patients, but also to help each patient achieve a healthful, natural, and radiant smile, iDENTity Dental’s offering of iCare Financial’s affordable payment plans is a perfect fit. 

“Since our dental treatment plans are quite extensive, being able to offer smaller payments for our patients helps us to reach more people in the area who are in need of extensive dental rehab. In the three years that we have used iCare, we have been able to expand our patient reach. Without iCare we would not be able to provide the level of care that many of our patients need, but may not be able to afford,” explains iDENTity’s Office Manager.

Praised as being on the vanguard of dental health, iDENTity Dental studio is known for providing innovative dental solutions that are designed to be both safe and stand the test of time. By having the ability for patients to break their four– or five-digit dental costs down into affordable monthly payments, this opens up the practice’s state-of-the-art services to a wider audience in the greater Lexington area.

With efficient workflow processes that never sacrifice quality, iDENTity Dental Studio invests time into building trusting and long-term relationships with all of their patients. From how treatment appointments are scheduled around even the most hectic patient’s schedules to the level of comprehensive financing options available to patients through iCare, Dr. Stapleton and his team go above and beyond.

Unlike other, more restrictive, dental billing programs, iCare only requires an active checking account and does not require a credit score for patients to be eligible. Even for large dental treatment plans, patients are able to arrange monthly payments with a low down payment. To reduce the resources and financial burden placed on dental staff, iCare collects and processes patient payments and guarantees payment, even if a patient is delinquent on their account.

When it comes to enhancing the patient experience and reducing the financial burden of dental care on American families, iCare’s industry-changing program is leading the way.  

North Carolina Dental Practice Expands Comprehensive Dental Care with Low-Cost Payment Plans

Dr. Taj Haynes partners with innovative dental financing company, iCare Financial to offer monthly payment options for all dental procedures.

Atlanta, GA – January 2, 2019

With dental costs on the rise, patients are actively seeking dentists that offer exceptional care, a wide range of services, and affordable dental financing. The experienced staff at Modern Family Dental consistently meets, if not, exceeds patient expectations. As a one-stop shop offering about 95% of dental cares services, including dental implants, bone augmentation surgeries, Invisalign, wisdom tooth extractions, endodontics, and general dentistry, patients chose Modern Family Dental for their level of expertise. And, with the October 2017 rollout of the leading low-cost dental financing program, iCare, Dr. Taj Haynes and his knowledgeable dental staff are also able to provide high-quality dental care for more families, regardless of their ability to pay.

“Once you start using a program like iCare, the word spreads. Now our potential clients are aware of the payment flexibility we offer. This increases the level of care we are able to provide and our patients are more satisfied with moving forward with dental procedures, knowing that we have payment options,” explains Dr. Taj Haynes.

As with any new system implementation, some administrative setup was required, but well over a year since iCare’s inception, Modern Family Dental has been able to consistently see an increase of up to $15,000 more in case acceptance per month. Not only does this positively impact their bottom line, but it widens their ability to provide affordable dental options to more patients in the greater Concord region.

In contrast with other dental financing programs, iCare only requires an active checking account to establish monthly payment arrangements. When each monthly payment is paid by the patient, iCare handles all processing and submits the payment directly to the practice within 2 business days. To additionally ensure that the practice receives the full amount of services rendered, iCare also pays the remaining balances owed if a patient misses multiple monthly payments or completely defaults on the initial payment arrangements.

With two locations in Charlotte and one in Concord North Carolina, dental patients will now have access to the superior services Modern Family Dental provides, but now without incurring undue financial burden.

As dental practices nationwide partner with iCare’s industry-leading program the landscape of dental care is poised to change for the better. If offering affordable dental care to all of your patients is integral to the mission of your business, then exploring iCare’s easy-to-implement program is worth considering.

Luxury Roseville Dental Practice Expands Affordable Healthcare Options with iCare Financial’s Unique Payment Plan

Atlanta, GA – November 19, 2018

Sunrise Family Dentistry overcomes rising dental costs by rolling out iCare, a comprehensive payment option making high-quality dental care accessible to all patients.

As the cost of healthcare steadily rises, the forward-thinking and compassionate dental staff at Sunrise Family Dentistry have implemented iCare, a new financing program to lower the cost of care for all of their patients. Over the past decade, Roseville residents have come to know and love the high-quality and professional dental services Sunrise Family Dentistry provides, as one of the few practices in the area that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With high-end dental equipment in a comfortable and luxury environment, visiting the dentist has never felt so good and has rarely been as affordable. In addition to iCare’s low-cost, monthly payment option, Sunrise Family Dentistry also offers a flat-fee Dental Savings Program for both children (ages 3 – 13) and for adults.

“iCare has been a great addition to our practice to help us fulfill our mission of providing dental care that our patients can afford. We use it practically every single day. We have prided ourselves on always being there for our patients by offering around the clock services, and having iCare helps us take this commitment to our patients a step further,” explains Sunrise Family Dentistry’s Office Manager, Kim.

Since the iCare Financial implementation over 18 months ago, Sunrise Family Dentistry has increased the access to dental care for the local community and are now able to offer at least two different payment options to all of their patients. No matter the patient’s ability to pay, iCare is an excellent substitute for more cost-prohibitive financing plans that require a high credit score or an extensive down payment.

“The level of customer support we receive from iCare has been phenomenal! When we have a question, we get a prompt response and this has made iCare such an easy program to roll out to our patients,” the Office Manager adds.

In addition to only requiring an active checking account, through iCare patients are able to establish monthly payment arrangements to cover the total cost of their dental procedures. Unlike other dental financing services, iCare’s staff handles all payment collection and processing, transferring all monies received within 2 business days to the practice. Not only does this reduce the overhead costs for each dental firm, but it enables the staff to focus on what is most important: providing superior care. And, as an added, built-in level of protection for all participating practices, iCare guarantees payment, even if a patient defaults on their initial payment agreement. 

For more information on iCare Financial and how its implementation can increase dental revenue, visit 

Memphis Dental Practice Enhances Patient Care with All-Inclusive Payment Options

Dr. Charles Spell III, partners with iCare Financial to offer more affordable dental care for Tennessee residents.

Atlanta, GA – October 5, 2018

When it comes to providing superior care to their patients, Dr. Charles Spell III and his friendly staff at Heart Smiles in Memphis, TN are a cut above the rest. After noticing that they were turning away many patients who could not afford to get the dental services they needed, Dr. Spell actively sought out a new financial alternative. In April 2017, Heart Smiles partnered with iCare Financial to begin offering a host of low-cost, all-inclusive payment arrangements.

“Having iCare makes it very convenient for our patients. With no credit check, the process is fast and we can get the patient the financing they need without taking time out of their busy schedules. It is one of the best things we’ve used and don’t know what we would do without this innovative payment program. In fact, our patients are referring their friends and family to us because they know we can help them get the dental services they need – in a way that they can afford,” explains Heart Smiles’ Office Manager.


Unlike other known medical billing programs, iCare only requires an active checking account and does not perform a credit check on each applicant. This enables patients to set up a monthly payment plan to cover the total cost of their dental procedures.  To reduce the resources and financial burden placed on dental staff, all payment tracking and account management is handled directly by iCare. In addition, to enhance the level of protection for each dental practice, iCare guarantees payment, even if a patient misses or defaults on the initial payment arrangements. 

Since the iCare Financial rollout over 18 months ago, Heart Smiles has been able to increase booked appointments and revenue by 40-50%. Their patients are generally healthier and feel more supported in their healthcare decisions, as they are able to get the dental services they need to maintain their oral health. And, the number of referrals have significantly increased, with many new patients citing them choosing Heart Smiles because of their payment flexibility. 

iCare’s industry-leading program is enabling dental practices from across the country to continue their mission of providing superior service to all of their patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

Leading Dental Practice Announces Seven-Figure Savings with Innovative Billing Program

California-based dentist partners with iCare Financial to leverage creative financing to reach more patients and boost revenues.

Atlanta, GA – April 2, 2018

Dr. Marty Lipsey, a renowned California dentist and dental business consultant, has increased his business revenues by almost $1,000,000 by partnering with dental billing company, iCare Financial. As financial considerations keep more and more people from completing necessary treatment at the dental office, dental practices are forced to find proven ways to attract patients and to make it easier for them to say yes to treatment –  Dr. Lipsey’s practice was no exception. Getting patients to move forward can sometimes be challenging when the reasons for “dental avoidance” are considered. According to the American Dental Association, the cost of dental procedures is the number one reason households are skipping the dentist.

Yet, as other dental practices struggle to balance the cost of dental procedures with patients’ dental needs, Dr. Lipsey has seamlessly increased business by 20% each year. With iCare’s industry-changing program, Dr. Lipsey can provide all of his patients with a low-cost, affordable payment option to ensure they have access to the dental care they need.

“What I noticed with my patients is that they often couldn’t qualify for credit. Or, if they did qualify, it was not enough to cover the entire cost of their procedures,” explains Dr. Lipsey

Unlike other medical billing programs that require a credit check, iCare more easily enables patients to set up a monthly payment plan to cover the total cost of their dental procedures.

All of the backend payment tracking and account management is handled through iCare and dental practices are guaranteed payment, even if a patient’s account becomes delinquent.

With their easy-to-implement billing system, Dr. Lipsey was able to pair iCare’s payment options with his existing billing program and reach more patients without having to do any extra work.

As the founder and president of Medical Billing For Dentists, a team that helps dental practices to implement or improve treating snoring and sleep apnea in their practices, Dr. Lipsey has helped other dental practices incorporate iCare to grow their businesses.

“In the last five or six years, we are very near to doing $1,000,000 in business that we would have never done otherwise. I know this money would have never come in, no matter how you look at it. We just didn’t have the means of helping people pay for what they needed. This could have been money out the door that we were able to easily save by using iCare Financial.

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Dental Arts of San Diego Now Offers “Two Flavors of Ice Cream”

iCare Financial Dental Newsletter – November 2017

Dental Arts of San Diego is a full-service dental practice that offers general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry as well. The wide range of services offered include emergency services like root canals, crowns and bridges, Lumineers, Invisalign, dental implants, periodontal treatments, bone grafting, treatments for sleep apnea and much more.

Dental Arts of San Diego has found that offering iCare Financial as an alternative payment method has dramatically raised treatment acceptance rates. They are able to retain patients who otherwise may simply not have been able to proceed with their treatments.

Dental Arts of San Diego Now Offers “Two Flavors of Ice Cream”

Dental Arts of San Diego is a full-service dental practice that offers general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry as well. The wide range of services offered include emergency services like root canals, crowns and bridges, Lumineers, Invisalign, dental implants, periodontal treatments, bone grafting, treatments for sleep apnea and much more.

The practice’s owner is Dr. Alena Nawrocki. Dr. Nawrocki received her dental degree from Minsk Medical University in 1999 and then her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Loma Linda University in 2006. Jessica Wiegers is the Office Manager at Dental Arts of San Diego. Her favorite part of dentistry is interacting with patients and helping them overcome financial obstacles so that they can achieve their most optimal smile.

Why Choose iCare Financial?

About one year ago, Dental Arts of San Diego began offering iCare Financial as a payment option for patients. Initially, the doctor had a flyer and thought it looked interesting. She reached out to iCare Financial to see if their payment plans would be a good fit. One of the primary factors that drew Dr. Nawrocki and Jessica to this option was that they liked the fact that, unlike Care Credit, no credit check is necessary to use it.

Jessica explained, “There are various reasons people wouldn’t want to use Care Credit. Some people have bad credit, others just don’t want that mark on their credit scores. For those reasons they may avoid having their credit run. We are now allowed to reach those patients that were previously being lost. We’ve been able to recoup that revenue for the practice. “

Presenting More Choices to the Patient

Currently, Jessica is presenting two options to patients who are looking to pay for their treatments plans, namely, Care Credit and iCare Financial and. She explains to patients that the first option has a zero down policy and you can make monthly payments. On the other hand, iCare Financial has no credit check, 30% down and then monthly payments.

“Lots of time patients will immediately say my credit isn’t so good, so I’d prefer iCare Financial,” said Jessica. “Or I’m looking to buy a house right now, so I’ll go with this one. Sometimes patients just want to make a larger down payment and like the idea of putting 20% down. We present both options and give them their preference.”

In some cases, of course, patients are not approved for Care Credit. In that situation, Jessica is able to immediately reassure them that there is another option. She sees their facial expressions switch from stressed to relieved. “Patients know that you are trying to do something for them. They don’t feel that you are just leaving them high and dry with no available options,” pointed out Jessica.

The team at Dental Arts of San Diego believes that when you’re presented with two options, you’re more likely to select one of them. “If I was to tell you can have chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream, you’re more likely to have ice cream,” observes Jessica. “If I were to tell you that I only have vanilla ice cream for you, you’re more likely to say no.”

Improving Patient Acceptance Rates

Dental Arts of San Diego has found that offering iCare Financial as an alternative payment method has dramatically raised treatment acceptance rates. They are able to retain patients who otherwise may simply not have been able to proceed with their treatments.

Jessica explained, “Patients are now absolutely more likely to accept a treatment plan. They feel like they have options available to them. Already they are nervous because they have to have dental treatment. They are more likely to be happy when there are options available to help them. That alleviates that issue of financial stress, and they are more likely to accept.”

Many patients would have been lost without having flexible payment options. They would have had to proceed with no treatments or limited treatments. For example, using iCare Financial as a payment option might allow Dr. Nawrocki to proceed with a bridge or implant, where otherwise the patient’s financial status would have left no possibility other than an extraction. They can now treat the whole issue and not just do something immediate.

In one year, Dental Arts of San Diego has had 44 cases with iCare Financial with a gross total of over $85,000.

Jessica added, “When they are in pain, they want to get out of pain. They are afraid of experiencing pain and financial pain too. Offering iCare Financial for payments eases their fear of the financial pain.”

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Family and Sedation Dentistry Specializes in Comfortable Solutions

iCare Financial Dental Newsletter – May 2017

Family and Sedation Dentistry is a North Carolina practice that focuses on helping to ensure patients are relaxed and comfortable. Dr. Bertrand Bonnick has over 1100 hours in sedation dentistry. Between offering pain-free dentistry and unique payment options, this practice is able to ensure the highest quality of patient experience. Located in High Point, Dr. Bonnick serves the High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Triad areas.

Tonya is the Front Desk Administrator who handles coordinating treatment plan payments. She has been very pleased with their decision to take payments via iCare Financial. One reason that she likes it is that offering this alternative payment option is just another way that their practice is able to customize their actions to meet patient needs.

She also appreciates the fact that iCare gives the patient room to decide what kind of payment plan they would like per month. The dental team is then able to work directly with the patient to coordinate what makes them most comfortable.

Dr. Bonnick explained, “I would recommend iCare to doctors interested in problem solving. Doctors can help patients work out the treatment they need, without compromising ethical standards.”

What Patients Choose iCare Financial?

Tonya has found that patients are typically choosing to use iCare Financial to get dental loans for larger treatment plans that cost between $500 – $5,000. When she explains how it works to patients, she has found reactions ranging from surprise to happiness. Often they are worried about the status of their credit. This can be due to the fact that they do not have good credit or for another reason such as they are trying not to get any dings on their credit report prior to making a large purchase such as a house.

Ensuring a Smooth and Problem-Free Experience

In regards to their use of iCare Financial to date, Dr. Bonnick added, “One of the things iCare does it take away emotional aspect from the front desk in terms of negotiating payments for balances due or large amounts. It takes away the subjectivity and allows us to follow along with the program. The plan is all written out, signed and there is a history and record.”

Expanding the Patient Base

Tonya has noticed that there has been positive word of mouth among their patients. Patients find that pressure has been taken off of them and they want to share the information.

Now when people call into the office and ask if they have payment plans, the team at Family and Sedation Dentistry is able to firmly say, “Yes!” They also distribute brochures in the office about this payment method and have a large banner on their website that plainly states, “Payment plans available through iCare.”

Between taking iCare Financial as a payment method and offering pain-free dentistry with sedation options, there is nothing to stand in the way of patients receiving the treatment they need at Family and Sedation Dentistry.

Dr. Bonnick pointed out, “Lots of patients can’t afford treatment without dental insurance and only 50% of them actually have dental insurance. Now we can say if you really want to use a plan, here is another alternative to get the care you need. It is a great option to have.”

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Patients and Dental Team Grateful for the Opportunity to Offer Flexible Payment Plans at Dr. Rick Friedrichs, DDS

iCare Financial Dental Newsletter – January 2017

Dr. Rick Friedrichs, DDS is a general, family and cosmetic dental practice located in Tomball, Texas. The practice has been serving the Tomball Community for over 30 years, and their philosophy is “to always be a patient centered practice that is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care in a warm, caring, Christian environment.” In addition to regular exams and cleanings, this innovative practice also offers orthodontics, dental implants, smile makeovers and treatments for TMJ/ TMD.

When it comes to payments, the practice accepts most forms of insurance. However, as with most dental offices, patient insurance only covers a small portion of treatments. As a result, Dr. Friedrichs and his team offer other means of Financing such as Care Credit and iCare Financial. As they proudly promote on their website, iCare Financial offers 0% interest and instantly approves all patients without a credit check.

They have been using iCare Financial for about 3 years for patient payments and have found it to be quite successful. Dr. Friedrichs and his team stated that they would definitely recommend iCare to other dentists.

A Match for the Practice’s Approach and Philosophy

General Manager Brad Bowsher mentions that using iCare Financial has enabled the practice to offer dentistry to patients that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to help. If not for iCare, the dentist would be “putting out fires” for people having issues rather than offering comprehensive dentistry.

Dr. Friedrichs explained, “In many cases I can now treat comprehensively what I would’ve treated palliatively or limited in the past. So, it’s been a great benefit for me as well as the patients.”

Brad added, “It’s a blessing for our patients and for our practice as well, as we are a Christian oriented practice. Patients are very thankful. Some went years and years with no one able to help them. Some don’t have wherewithal to save money just for dental work.”

An Improvement on Past Payment Policies

The reality of the situation, as Brad explained, is that many patients they see simply don’t have credit. “They are good people who have experienced some difficulties,” pointed out Brad. “Now they are able to get the work they really need, like a root canal, instead of pulling a tooth.” Further, the use of iCare Financial has allowed the practice to add an additional $150,000 to $250,000 of income each year.

Consistent Marketing Welcoming All Patients

The practice’s marketing states that there is an interest free Financing plan for everyone. That means that “if you fit the criteria, there is a plan for you.” Patients who have come to Dr. Friedrichs and have seen this to be true, then tend to happily refer their friends and family. New patients, of course, are also pleased to find a dental practice that will work with them financially.

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Breezy Dental Makes Oral Care a Breeze

Breezy Dental Makes Oral Care a Breeze – November 2016

Located in Clearwater, Florida, Breezy Dental has established remarkably patient-friendly policies to benefit its patients seeking dental care. Born in Westchester, New York, Dr. Michael DiPiazza is the owner and primary care provider at Breezy Dental. While the practice sees patients of all ages, the majority of patients are post-retirement and have very specific requirements of what they can spend on their health each month. This is one of the reason that they have chose to offer Financing through iCare Financial.

An In-House Plan Combined with iCare Financial

A few years ago, Breezy Dental decided to adopt some new payment policies with the goal of enabling more patients to get the care they need. They launched a discount plan specially designed for patients without dental insurance, and later they also began using iCare Financial as well.

Since that time, the practice has seen significant growth. Patients are able to take advantage of the Breezy Dental discount plan and then use iCare Financial to pay for their treatments. Patients also have spread the word about flexible iCare Financial payments, further increasing the number of new patients that the practice sees.

Ever since Breezy Dental began using iCare Financial, they started to use dental credit cards like Care Credit less and less.

Dr. DiPiazza explained, “Even though patients have credit, the rates they get are high from the dental cards. Care Credit requires stellar credit; we do get money upfront, but there are extreme fees. It doesn’t work for either side of the party. For people interested in making payment plans, iCare Financial is very useful. Sometimes it is the only option for patients.”

Breezy Dental’s Office Manager Sabrina stated, “iCare Financial’s payment schedule offers flexibility. Patients know how much they can afford on a monthly basis.”

Dr. DiPiazza added, “If patients do have excellent credit, they find they can get a better interest rate on a credit card from their bank. That’s why Care Credit tends to rarely be beneficial for Breezy Dental’s patients who are mostly retirees on a fixed income.”

Working with Patients and with iCare Financial

As of 2016, Breezy Dental is also offering procedures that tend to be more expensive like dental implants. “Since we have a maximum amount of $20,000 per patient, dental implants can also be applied to iCare Financial. It’s something new we are offering, and patients have already inquired about it.”

Sabrina pointed out that the iCare Financial system is remarkably easy to use. “The system is easy to manage and easy to figure out”, she said. “It gives me a lot of flexibility to add on treatments and Financing based on the needs of patients.”

A Solution for Offering the Care that Patients Need

Dr. DiPiazza specified that there is often a direct correlation between how much money people have and how much dental care they need. In other words, if they have more money at their disposal, they will need fewer treatments and vice versa. That’s why a workable solution like iCare Financial is so valuable for patients who are low on funds.

He concluded, “A lot of people just don’t want to deal with high interest rates. That’s why iCare Financial fills a unique niche in dentistry.”

Don’t ever turn another patient away.

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