Hanahan, South Carolina Veterinarian Implements New Financing Options to Provide Greater Access to Animal Care

Best Friends Animal Clinic is leading the way in the region with an innovative and low-cost financing option for pet owners.

Atlanta, GA – November  5, 2019

As the cost of animal medical care continues to rise each year, pet owners are often left with the difficult decision to pursue care or to opt-out of what could be life-saving procedures for their pets. To help reduce the financial burden placed on their families, Best Friends Animal Clinic partnered with iCare Financial to offer a first-of-its-kind monthly payment financing option.

This new collaboration should come of no surprise as Best Friends Animal Clinic is always leading the way in servicing the Hanahan, South Carolina pet-owning community with cutting-edge and affordable medical care. Run by experienced veterinarian, Melanie Mokos, Best Friends Animal Clinic is a full-service clinic that prides itself on providing superior care for all the lovable furry friends who come through their doors. The loving and welcoming nature of the practice comes from Dr. Mokos’ passion for helping homeless and rescue animals, dating back to her days volunteering in local shelters in her hometown of Chicago, Illinois. With a degree from the University of Illinois’ College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Mokos has led Best Friends Animal Clinic to be one of the top veterinarian offices in the region.

Since the initial iCare adoption in July 2017, Best Friends Animal Clinic has been able to generate more in revenue, while also enabling families to get the high-quality care their pets need and deserve.

“iCare has enabled us to ensure that we are able to provide the best care for cases where money is sometimes the deciding factor. It really seems to be a weight lifted off of their shoulders to know that they can get their pet(s) the best care possible,” explains Danarae Barba, Best Friends Animal Clinic’s Head Technician.

Through iCare, pet owners can divide animal care costs into small monthly payments without having to undergo a stringent and often prohibitive credit check. In addition, iCare offers comprehensive financing services for veterinarians whereby iCare handles all payment collection and processing, transferring all monies to the practice within 2 business days. To also lower the risk to the veterinarian practice, iCare provides a money-back guarantee and will pay the amount owed if a pet owner defaults on their original monthly payment arrangement.

Leading New Jersey Veterinarian Implements Industry-Changing Billing Platform to Expand Pet Owners’ Access to Care

Rockaway Animal Hospital partners with innovative veterinarian billing program to offer affordable monthly payment options to pet owners.

June 3, 2019

With animal care costs estimated to increase by at least 5% this year, pet owners are often faced with the difficult decision to pursue medical treatment for their pets or incur an undue financial burden. The compassionate veterinarians at Rockaway Animal Hospital are leading the way in making high-quality pet care more affordable for New Jersey residents. Through a partnership with iCare Financial, a veterinarian financing program, pet owners can now enroll in monthly payment plans to get their pets the medical treatments they need.

“iCare has definitely helped us provide more care for our animals. Our families are more open to pursue detailed medical treatments because they can budget for the services and get immediate access to payment options without a credit check. We’ve even noticed that our animals are better cared for since they are able to get the wellness and preventative care they need to stay healthy,” explains Kat, Rockaway Animal Hospitals Office Manager.

Started with the mission to provide exceptional client service and veterinary health care, Rockaway Animal Hospital is lead by Dr. Sanam and Dr. Erin, a husband-wife team committed to bringing the latest in veterinary treatments to the greater Rockaway area. And, the implementation of iCare enables the practice to reach more families and their lovable pets.

“At Rockaway Animal Hospital, we strive to make every one of our pet owners feel comfortable when they visit our office. We know how overwhelming taking your pet to the vet can be and we want our owners to feel like family. By being able to meet them where they are financially has helped us provide even better customer service and empowers our families to know that they can get the medical care their pet needs, regardless of their ability to pay,” Katherine Ortiz the Office Manager comments.

Pet owners can break their pet’s healthcare costs into small, manageable monthly payments, all without having to complete a credit check. In addition, iCare handles all monthly payments and submits payments received to the veterinary practice within 2 business days.

This enables busy practices, like Rockaway Animal Hospital to free up their staff’s time to focus not on payment processing, but on providing exceptional animal care. To also lower the risk to the veterinarian practice, iCare provides a money back guarantee and will pay the amount owed, should a pet owner default on their original payment arrangement.

Manassas, Virginia Veterinarian Notices Increase In Animal Care After Rolling Out Innovative Financing Service

Anicira Veterinary Center broadens access to high-quality animal care through a partnership with iCare Financial.

Atlanta, GA – May 13, 2019

When it comes to paying for a pet’s medical needs, many pet owners often put off routine care. However, the knowledgeable veterinarians at Anicira Veterinary Center have implemented an affordable payment system through iCare Financial to lower the financial burden placed on pet owners. Since the initial iCare adoption in July 2015, Anicira Veterinary Center has been able to successfully broaden access to high-quality pet care for Manassas area families.

“iCare was easy to implement and it was easy to train our staff on how to explain the new program to our families. Since we have had iCare, we have about 25% of our families that are able to take advantage of the low-cost monthly payment plan options iCare provides,” explains Anicira Veterinary Center’s Office Manager, Ashleigh.

Their nonprofit mission to provide superior animal care is rooted in their name. Anicira, derived from the combined Latin words for animal and care precisely summarizes what they do, every day. With a goal to improve the well-being of cats and dogs by helping them stay healthy, offering iCare to all of their patients has made animal care more affordable for their pet owners.

“It is so fulfilling to be able to see our mission through and continue to provide excellent and superlative quality care for our patients. We are very intentional in the types of programs we offer, the collaborations we develop, and our willingness to help animals in need. And, by using iCare we are able to achieve our primary goals as well as give our families easy ways to access animal care without undue financial burden,” the Office Manager explains.

Through iCare patients can divide animal care costs into small monthly payments without having to undergo an intrusive credit check. In addition, iCare offers comprehensive financing services for veterinarians whereby iCare handles all payment collection and processing, transferring all monies to the practice within 2 business days. To also lower the risk to the veterinarian practice, iCare provides a money guarantee and will pay the amount owed if a patient defaults on their original payment arrangement.

Is offering high-quality pet care to all families a part of your core mission? If so, explore iCare’s affordable payment options to how you may be able to implement this program in your practice.

The Sad Truth: Financial Euthanasia On The Rise

With medical costs on the rise, many pet owners are being faced with the harsh and financial decision of either pursuing care for their pets or putting them to sleep to defray costs. A phenomenon referred to as “economic or financial euthanasia” leaves pet owners trying to manage their pet’s health with shrinking family incomes. According to the Humane Society, Americans own approximately 83 million dogs and 95 million cats, which account for more than $55 billion spent on food and medical care for their pets each year.1

Yet, as veterinarian costs have increased, on average, by 10-12%2, pet owners are often left few options, including waiving necessary medical care, giving their pet(s) up for adoption, or choosing to put them to sleep – often for common, easily treatable ailments. In fact, 2 out of every 3 pets are euthanized every week solely due to economic reasons.3 And, among the senior population and with families living on fixed incomes, medical experts suggest that this deadly statistic may be much higher.

As the number of animals in shelters continues to rise and with the limited space and funding available to these shelters, nearly 3-4 million animals are euthanized each year.4 This is a very sad reality considering over 90% of those put to death could have been adopted, had the shelters had more time or resources to find suitable foster families.

The veterinary industry has made great strides in leveraging technology to make previously costly procedures easier to administer and less costly for pet owners. However, despite these advancements in the field, the average veterinarian appointment still costs a pet owner at least $250 per animal, even for routine care.5 Without creative and affordable financing options for pet owners, the rates of economic euthanasia will likely increase well into the future.

iCare Financial Flexible, Proven Veterinary Financing for Pet Owners 

To meet the financial challenges of pet owners, leading veterinary service providers are using innovative programs like iCare Financial to lower the financial cost of burden of veterinary care. Unlike other medical financing programs, iCare enables pet owners to gain instant access to monthly financing – all without a credit check. With 0% interest charged to pet owners, iCare guarantee all financing plans to the practice with no recourse. This eliminates the medical provider’s need to dedicate resources to pursue collections accounts and ensures a steady flow of income for the veterinary practice. As a seamless companion and supplement program to current financing programs, iCare can be used in conjunction with CareCredit or any other 3rd party financing services.

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Economic Euthanasia is an American Tragedy

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Sierra Animal Hospital Stands Up to the Competition with iCare Financial

iCare Financial Veterinary Newsletter – September 2016

Based in Sierra Vista, Arizona, Sierra Animal Hospital is a veterinary practice that focuses on taking care of small and exotic animals. Owned by veterinarian Dr. Bone, the practice includes 5 different practicing associates. Services offered include well exams, boarding, declawing, dental cleanings, spaying and neutering, and much more.

When it comes to paying for treatments, payment is always due at the time of service, with the exception of iCare Financial. Office Manager Trace Manning first heard iCare Financial recommended by a friend who works at a clinic in Phoenix. This friend explained that it was a reliable payment system for patients who wanted something other than the usual Financing options. Trace looked into this payment service, signed her practice up with iCare Financial and they have submitted 238 treatment plans that have generated over $139,000 in revenue.
Trace explained, “Being a pet owner requires a responsibility. iCare Financial allows for patients to take on that responsibility.”

Promoting iCare Financial to Patients


Sierra Animal Hospital has found that most of the people who qualify for Care Credit already have it when they come in. However, most people will not qualify for Care Credit. Others plan to pay by credit card or are just unprepared to pay.

Trace finds that the team is able to explain how iCare Financial works to patients in very plain English. That’s why sometimes those who are planning to pay by credit card switch over to iCare, as they find it’s a better financial arrangement to match their needs and budget.

Sierra Animal Hospital has placed information in every room that promotes iCare Financial and how it works. When a patient and their animal are checked in they immediately go into the exam rooms and have a chance to review the iCare literature. Through that means, most people initiate the idea to use iCare Financial on their own.

The practice also places TV commercials mentioning iCare Financial as their “Financial Partner.” They find that they get a lot of clients that way. It also builds automatic trust and respect for iCare and its high level of credibility.

Saving Lives of Pets

Through being able to offer iCare Financial as a payment method for patients, Sierra Animal Hospital has been able to save many lives. In particular, iCare is ideal in those unexpected emergencies that occur like Parvo and snakebites. Between hospitalizing, treating animals and sometimes even surgeries, the fees can quickly amount to a thousand dollars or more. Sierra Animal Hospital typically sees 5-15 Parvo cases a month and 3-4 rattlesnake bites.

Before offering iCare as a payment option, only 1 in 3 people would typically be able to afford to treat their dog’s Parvo case. The rest would just go home with some fluids and antibiotics as they were not able to afford the unexpected bill of $500 or $600. As a result, the survival rate was about 50-50.

When the practice is able to properly care for sick puppies through hospitalization, they save their lives 99% of the time. Thanks to offering iCare Financial, clients are now choosing to treat their dog’s Parvo cases 4 out of 5 times.

Why is iCare Financial the Best Financial Partner?

Trace says that using iCare Financial “gives your company a sense of ease.”

Years ago, Sierra Animal Hospital used to have to rely on hiring debt collectors when clients defaulted on their payments. They found that a debt collector was much more expensive and also an unpredictable experience. Plus, debt collectors take half of what they collect.

Taking on the Competition

Two national pet care chains also exist in the Sierra Vista region and are major competition for Sierra Animal Hospital. While an independent veterinary practice would typically be completely outperformed by these well-funded brand names, Sierra has held up to the competition, thanks in part to iCare.

Trace pointed out, “Before we were being smashed by competitors. iCare Financial is part of the way we’ve beat them. Once we started offering payment options like iCare, it was a one-two punch.”

Sierra Animal Hospital has found that it is possible to stay ahead of multi-million dollar corporations by simply allowing people the opportunity to pay. “iCare Financial is a great partner for small businesses,” Trace added.

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